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My interview with Chesney Williams

Having studied at Spero Villioti Elite Design Academy, I have met many talented young designers, one of them being Chesney Williams. Chesney is from Zimbabwe and is a stunningly beautiful, talented bubbly girl with so much to offer! We spoke about what it means to study fashion design and spoke about some of the great experiences she has had…

What made you decide to get into fashion design?

I decided to get into fashion design because It is a creative field where you can create art but at the same time build a persons confidence. I was inspired to get into the fashion industry as it is the most exciting industry, one that is fast growing in South Africa- there is never a dull moment and fashion has allowed me to channel my creativity and express the person I am. Designing and making garments that make people feel beautiful and confident is the reason I love what I do and what drew me into this one of a kind industries. I am currently studying at Spero Villioti Elite Design Academy at Hyde Park Shopping centre in Johannesburg.

 What would you be doing if not fashion design?

If I was not doing fashion I would be studying fine art

 Who are your favourite designers? Local and International?

Well my favourite designer is definitely Elie Sabe and I’m loving leather fringing at the moment. On leather jackets and bags it’s a great detail to have.

 You dressed a Miss South Africa candidate. Tell me about the experience?

I dressed Gugulethu Banda, one of the leading miss South Africa contestants. It was an experience of a life time. I got to meet the most amazing people and learn so much about the fashion industry. It’s all about getting your name out there and meeting the right people. I got exposure and was given the platform to showcase the designer I am. The Miss South Africa competition has been an incredible experience, one that has taught me so much about the industry.

Are there any other occasions where you have showcased your work?

I showcased my work at our end of year fashion show and at my school in Zimbabwe – Chisipite Scenior school. My ball gown was worn by a Miss Zimbabwe contestant.

 You have your collection coming up? Are there any details you would like to share?

My end of year showcase collection is all about natural fabrics, the use of leather and crocheting with 100% cotton. It is a collection that can be worn by a variety of age groups, women who want to stand out and show their unique style. It’s all about standing out in style.

 Where do you see your fashion career going?

This year I plan to have my own successful collection that will be shown at our end of year Fashion show. My goals are to take advantage of any opportunities that arise, I am eager to learn and grow so that I can become a successful fashion designer.

Is there any advice you could give to aspiring designers?

If there was any advice I would give to aspiring designers is to follow their dreams and to completely be themselves!

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Chesney Williams
Chesney Williams
A Sneak Peak at her Collection
A Sneak Peak at her Collection

She is truly a stunning breath of fresh air! And DEFINITELY someone to watch!

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