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Alexandra Wuzyk: Art Dress

Today we meet an incredibly talented young girl who has a great future ahead of her in any form of the arts that she feels suited in. Alexandra Wuzyk, a 17year old gem of a girl who has exceptional talent; she has created a dress made entirely of paper and cardboard. It was an assignment for her Art class in school and the result was remarkable.

The theme was South Africa Indigenous botany and typography. Alex researched local wildflowers as she has always loved their tiny details them as a child. She was also inspired by the intricate looking talking flowers seen in the movie Alice in Wonderland. This dress is meant to portray the model as her interpretation of a stylized flower. To incorporate typography, Alex hand stamped the Latin names of the indigenous flowers that each “petal” or piece of the dress was taken from. All the stamping was done by hand and the petals were hand painted with gouache and ink. The dress is fully recyclable, using cardboard and watercolour paper.

Completing this took her roughly three weeks, with designing the pattern out of cardboard being the most challenging. Her model is a young girl named Jacolene Jonker.

When I asked her about her vision of her dress being part of a full collection she replied, “If I could make it a full collection I would love have models dressed as individual iconic South African flowers and contrast and emphasize the different “feel” of each little wildflower.”

The dress is truly beautiful and I think that Alexandra should consider a future in fashion design… Only time will tell!

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Thanks VB xx


  • An amazing dress from an amazing student. You are indeed a rare gem…

  • An amazing dress from an amazing student. You are indeed a rare gem…


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