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A Statement Piece A Day Keeps Boredom At Bay


Day two of my statement piece looks – I have to say what I love most about fashion is that, (in my opinion) it is all about you./ You get to recreate your personal image everyday, you can mix it up and try different looks just because you can. It’s all about a style that works for you, maybe it’s a continual style or maybe you like switching from goth to glam. Whatever you choose, it is all about the freedom to express your preferences and that is a great feat all it’s own.

So today I would like to show that sometimes a statement piece isn’t conventional, it’s not always an accessory. It is simply the distinguishing feature in your ensemble. My pick for the day is this great pair of bold printed floral pants.



Today my statement piece comes in the form of these great floral trousers that I picked up at the Marie Claire Trunk Show that I attended recently.They are designed by the local brand, Strada Chic. I love that they express the urgency for spring and just how vibrant they are. I’ve teamed them with my black heels from Woolworths, my white blouse from Cotton On and my blazer from Edgars. My secondary and not so obvious statement piece would be my star shaped earrings that were a gift from my mother (So I’m not actually sure where they’re from). Earrings can be a fun accessory that will just add an extra bit of life to a look.

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Thanks VB xx

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