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A Statement Piece A Day Keeps Boredom At Bay


Today I chose to wear my favourite statement piece. The reason I love them so much is because I am not a fan of a turtle neck, I simply can’t handle that feeling around my neck. It would have been a disaster but thanks to the Roman sudarium, today all fashionistas get to wear scarves.

It just such a convenient and fun piece to wear, they come in different weights and texture, patterns and prints – scarves are just all you’ll ever need them to be. Especially in the case of this considerably confusing Cape Town weather, where in the morning you’re still not exactly sure what the weather is going to have in store for you. I own way too many scarves to count but I just have to admit to myself that, like with my obsession with heels, I will just never have enough.


_20150917_142932 DSC_0692

Today the look is rather casual, it is pretty clear that Friday is righht around the corner. My faded blue jeans are from Cotton On, my belt is from Mr Price and I’m wearing my trusty pair of Woolworths heels. On top, I’m wearing my blazer with a black tank top, both from Edgars. Then lastly, my lovely metallic-yarn pashmina scarf is from Queenspark, a gift from my fashion-savvy grandmother. I like that I feel laid back and yet still professional enough for work, it’s a look that go from the office to the local after work watering hole.

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Thanks VB xx

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