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A Statement Piece A Day Keeps Boredom At Bay


So I couldn’t end the week without a final statement piece look. This week has shown me personally that there are so many little ways that you can liven up your look. It is always fun to add that extra touch to really change the way you see yourself and your style.

Most times you pick the statement piece yourself, today however, mine was kind of chosen for me. In honour of the Rugby World Cup that is kicking off tonight, Zando thought it would be great if we all got into the spirit of things. It’s actually great because it is just another example that statement pieces are not always as conventional as you think. They can even be patriotic!


DSC_0700 DSC_0701

Today I donned and official green and gold Springbok Jersey to show my team spirit. I had no clue what to pair it with so I went with leather leggings from Legit and maroon combat boots from Edgars. The lips match the boots and even though it’s probably the most laid back outfit I’ve ever worn to work here at Zando, it was well worth the experience!

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Thanks VB xx

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