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I would like to quickly interrupt this week’s scheduled blog posting to bring you this amazing stretch of information. In light of the New York Fashion Week that recently took place, I was discovered a great company called Shapeways in NYC. They contacted me to find out if I would be willing to educate my readers on this development that is slowly, but effectively taking over design and technology as we know it – 3D printing.

In fashion, we have seen a plethora of developments in terms of styles and silhouettes, fabric and embellishment and especially design and construction as well demand. I mean, remember when a knit sweater was something your grandmother made for you, now we see Ukraine-based artist Anna Mo creating the most amazing over sized knits you’ve ever seen. The world is constantly evolving and fashion is moving with it.

With 3D printing I truly feel we can redefine the way we look at the world, at clothing and at the use of materials. I am an avid supporter of the concept and it is great to see companies like Shapeways who are at the forefront of such an amazing concept.

Naturally there are a few things that I would like to explain but the links to follow will give you a much broader understanding of the whole concept and process. The process is so mind-blowing and yet once you understand it, you get to truly admire it in it’s full form.

First off, I would like to start by pinching an extract to help you understand the art of 3D printing – the concept of


“Additive manufacturing (AM) describes the technologies that build 3D objects by adding layer-upon-layer of material to build products. Once a file is produced using  3D modeling software, the additive manufacturing machine (otherwise known as 3D printers) reads the data from the file and lays down successive layers of material to create a 3D object.”

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to read up more about it using the link above.

But back to fashion now. I am so grateful to have been asked to share this with all of you because it is truly such an amazing concept and is definitely the kind of project I would love to get into in the future.

In December 2014, Shapeways unveiled their first fashion piece – a Kinematics 3D Dress, with Nervous Systems and two great and really forward-thinking designers, Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg. The piece was so spectacular and innovative that it was acquired thereafter by MoMA. The dress is honestly a work of art and is a piece that is really awe-inspiring.

To help explain the construction of the dress through the use of a Kinematics approach instead of traditional modelling, I would like to quote an excerpt from (

“Kinematics represents a new approach to manufacturing, which tightly integrates design, simulation, and digital fabrication to create complex, customized products. Our approach is completely different from traditional modeling and CAD software. The whole system is built up around the logic of a mechanism, in this case a hinge, which has been optimized for 3D printing and whose behavior we can simulate. Users interact with kinematics at a high level through an online design tool that lets them sculpt clothing shapes and “paint on” density and styles. Meanwhile, in the background the system is taking care of generating and connecting together all the geometry with our hinge mechanism. At the end of the design process, we have a 3D-printable piece of clothing made of thousands of panels interconnected by hinges. Rather than just ending up with big heavy file containing a bunch of “dumb” geometry, we end up with a smart structure that we understand as rigid panels connected by hinges. Because we understand the behavior of the geometry, we can use simulation to compress it down for efficient 3D printing.”

Kinematics Dress. Image courtesy of Nervous System
Kinematics Dress. Image courtesy of Nervous System

This incredibly dress is enough to change my whole perspective of fashion as we know it today. I feel that in time there will be entire collections produced through this process. It will shape the future of the runway and I think in terms of an Eco-friendly fashion future – I personally feel that with the use of Eco-friendly materials in this process, the use of physical and environmentally harmful fabrics like Polyester will be cut down.

Also, in terms of  style perspective, this dress is more that just aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it is so ultra-mod and gorgeous! It hugs the figure perfectly and the design is just incredible.

I love it and I am proudly pro-3D printing fashion and the development of fashion and style as we know it.

Thank you Shapeways for sharing this with me and for allowing me to share this with everyone else!

Here is also a small document to help you fully open your mind to the wonders of 3D printing and the huge advantages it has on the world as we know it.

Also be sure to click on all the links above to get fully clued up!

Share your thoughts and comments below!

Thanks VB xx


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