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So as we all know, fashion has a way of repeating itself, styles that were relevant decades, even centuries ago often like to worm their way back into our wardrobes. Today we’ll take a brief look at a style that is personally one of my favourites,it originated in the 1600’s.



The Baroque era came into existence in the 16th century and lasted for about 150 years. It’s birthplace was Rome, Italy and thereafter became prominent throughout the whole of Europe.

To focus primarily on the fashion of the era – The Baroque period was and is still to this day renowned for the use of colours, gold filigree and the emphasis of the natural silhouette of the human body. There was a magnificent use lace, pearls, ribbons and gold embroidery that was quite unlike to the earlier period of Renaissance.

It was an advancement for women in the era, as the trend of adorning single piece garments rather than the ‘mix and match’ of breeches, sleeves and bodices became prominent. The upper class of society were still notable as they were able to make use of fabrics such as a variety of silks, brocades and velvet. The middle and upper chose to wear dark shades of colours like black that signified wealth as the process of dying dark colours were expensive at that time.

At the time, the hair and makeup was equally extravagant, the women followed a trend known as the heartbreakers that consisted of hair tightly curled at the forehead and on the either sides. . A surprising and rather disgusting habit of the era was that people didn’t believe in taking baths because water was considered unhealthy. As though the odour wasn’t a good enough sign, they would spray profuse amounts of scent over their body to conceal the smell. They were decked out from head to toe, as pointed toes and heels were popular among both men and women.

An example of a luxurious Baroque gown
An example of a luxurious Baroque gown

There are many modern designers today who have been influenced by the era. To not harper on for too long, I will simply note the collection by Dolce & Gabbana FW 13. “Taken from the grand Sicilian interiors of the baroque period, the putti and the typically Flemish floral still lives on black background which were adopted by the baroque Sicilian painters of the times, influenced the print of the FW13 collection.” (See quoted site) The images below depict garments from the collection:



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