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For this post I’ll be discussing something that all (well hopefully all) women wear. They come in different styles and suit different needs and different women for a variety of reasons. Whether you prefer one cut above another is entirely your choosing and while I won’t necessarily be providing a history of each style, I might just give my two cents.

Today we take a look at the outfit essential…




Undies! Knickers! Panties! Whatever you call them, you’ve been wearing them since you’ve been able to use the loo on your own. As we all know, there is nothing worse than the dreaded VPL (Visible Panty Line) but having said that, it doesn’t mean we live to have dental floss between our cheeks all day long.

Whatever your preference it is always good to know your options. We’ll start with the most conservative style and work our way from there.




Ahh briefs. The “granny panties” of underwear. These not so stylish undies provide full coverage with a high waist band. We may claim to hate them but there is no denying that they are certainly a comfortable style of underwear. Yes, they won’t work for your everyday jeans and tee look but they are perfect under pj’s and high waist pieces. Also, trust Victoria Secrets to make a pair that you will absolutely love. 




Don’t get confused, this is not a pair of underwear suitable for only one sub-culture. No, hipsters as the name depicts, hug your hips. The waistband sits on the hips below the waist, with low-cut leg holes. These are nowhere near as ghastly as briefs can be and they work perfectly well with jeans. When it comes to style, they’re often quite feminine and they cup the butt really well and are quite comfortable.




A little of TMI – these are my favourite! They were modelled after men’s briefs, and therefore take on a more rectangular shape than the conventional style of women’s underwear. The cut is similar to the hipster, with the primary difference being that they have a lower-cut leg. To the extent where some pairs extend a short way down the thigh. The best part about boyshorts is that with the right fit and fabric – you can wear them with almost anything! You will not end up with horrid VPL’s if you a find a fit that works for you.




The name truly gives the root of this style away – noting obviously that they are styled after women’s bikini bottoms. The waistband below the natural waist and has very high-cut leg holes. The basic bikini cut is rather straightforward – the front and back of the bikini resembles two triangles. They are ideal for all looks because they provide less coverage; they’re often quite ‘pretty’ to say the least and are considered a go-to style. You can see below that even Elle MacPherson created her own range. 


Thongs and G-Strings

Betsey-Johnson-Stretch-Knit-G-String-12 Victoria-Secret-Lacie-Thong-Panty-13-15

While I am well aware that these styles are quite different, it just made sense to discuss them together. Ladies, we all know that you either like these cuts or you just don’t.

Thongs are most often sought after when in need of underwear for formfitting clothing, because it provides no coverage on the butt. This means no pantie lines whatsoever. The sides sit high on the hip bone and are, in my opinion, the more comfortable option between these two.

G-strings are essentially the “nothing there underwear”. They provide zero rear coverage and next to nothing in the front.  The style forms a T shape of fabric, with the front and back pieces attaching directly to the waistband. You don’t have to wear G-strings, you want to wear them. Wearing a G-string is the almost the equivalent to going commando, but hey if you like it then rock it!


When it comes to underwear, there are many variations that I am too scared to even mention. As a woman, I know that I like having options so all I can say is that whatever tickles your fancy, go with it. Always avoid VPL’s and remember: Unless you’re a back up dancer in Sisqo’s comeback tour, no one wants to see your thong!


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Thanks VB xx


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