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My First Attempt as a Stylist…


Recently on the 21st of Feb, I assisted a good friend of mine, Nadine van Driel on a photo shoot for the benefit of both out individual portfolio’s. She was the photographer and I was the stylist on the small three hour shoot that we did in the urban and eclectic streets of Woodstock, Cape Town. This was my first shoot as a stylist, having assisted on another shoot with Nadine prior to this but with my own collection (those photos are still to come).

We chose to style our shoot with a ’70s undercurrent but shot with modern day items, the result was a look was a fresh blend of old school meets new school. I can recall feeling rather minute next to our model, a gorgeous fresh-faced 20-year old German named Julia Janine. It made styling quite entertaining to the outsider, with her having to bend for me to tweak collars and tousle hair and what not.

Along with my stylist cred, I was also assistant to the photographer by helping to hold the reflector – also quite a comedic affair.

All in all, the experience was tons of fun, Nadine is a talented photographer and I can’t wait to do many shoots in future with her.

For those keen to see other work she’s done, you can take a look at her site –

But anyway without further babbling, here are the photographs for the shoot we did, I hope you all like it.



The clothing was a combination of my own and Nadine’s and it taught me that you don’t need a lot to create something visually beautiful and unique. With time and experience, I will definitely develop an eye for creating the perfect looks. For now though, I’m happy to say that I had a hand in creating this fantastic spread.

P.S here is a little treat 😉 Just some proof of our undeniable height difference.


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Thanks VB xx



  • Amazing post! Would love it if you checked out my blog 🙂

  • Her legs go on for ages! You look adorable next to her.
    I love the style of the black pants but my favourite shot is in the patterned pants standing on the post.
    Awesome collab!


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