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Throwback Thursday: The Body Graffix Photo Shoot



Today is the first of my Throwback Thursday posts, there will be many more to come. This is because having been offline for so long, there is so much I want to share from that time! It won’t be a permanent Thursday feature but I think that at least for now it’s what I will be filling my Thursday blog posts with.

Starting off this feature, I’d like to go quite far back to even before Veebeecouture was offline. Why I didn’t post this at the time is beyond me, it was a photo shoot I did with Nadine van Driel. Ironically, this photo shoot took place weeks before the “My First Attempt as a stylist” shoot. Having produced a third year collection as a fashion design student, I was concerned by the fact that the garments had never been professionally presented and I thought it would be a great idea to do so for portfolio purposes. With that in mind, I approached Nadine and ran the idea by her and she thought it would be ideal to shoot in the Bo-Kaap, here in the Cape Town – I absolutely loved the idea!

To give a bit of a back story, my third year collection is based on the French art form, Trompe L’Oeil. I went with the idea of creating clothing on top of clothing to create a design that was not originally there. As it was part of a third year graduation fashion show, the collection is officially named “Body Graffix” as a reference to the art form as well as fashion and clothing as a whole.The entire collection was black paint on white duchess satin and so the proposition of shooting a black and white collection on a multi-coloured background was a no-brainer.

We set out on a Saturday morning in early December 2015 and shot this beautiful shoot. Nadine had managed to contact two phenomenal models, Carola Fuchs and Jessica Ledger who agreed to partake in the shoot and we took it upon ourselves to do the make-up. It was quite an experience to be honest, it was sweltering hot outside and duchess satin can be quite unforgiving in direct sunlight but both Jessica and Carola did their utmost best to ensure that we got the perfect shots. I even assisted as a reflector holder which was tons of fun and a real learning experience.

At the end of it all we had heaps of photos for Nadine to work through and this is the final product. I was blown away by Nadine’s talent which is naturally why we have worked together several times since.

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I can honestly say that this was the best representation of my collection. It was better than I could have ever imagined and ever time I look at these images I feel inspired all over again!


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Thanks, VB xx

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