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Anyone who knows me personally can vouch for the fact that I was not blessed with long legs. In all honesty, I have no issues being short, hell! That’s what heels were invented for! However, there are ways to make yourself look a tad taller and it’s all about how you dress. Today’s post is all about tailoring your clothing – have you ever bought a pair of jeans that are just too long and end up looking bulky around your ankles? Or even a shirt with sleeves that are too long? When clothes don’t fit well they make you look shabby and that’s the truth of it. When your trousers are too long, you make your legs look even shorter and we’re not about that life.

Now you don’t need a professional to fix minor things. That being said, if you are looking to take in a shirt or perhaps a jacket on the sides to give it a slimmer fit and you’re not well acquainted with the sewing machine, I would certainly call for a pro to help you out.

What I’ll be showing you today is how I shortened the hemlines on a pair of trousers that I love. Take note: I am aware that I’m in Cape Town in the middle of winter and that linen trousers are probably not the best bet but I am actually tailoring them for a holiday I’ll be going on soon.

In order to adjust your pants you need to follow a few simple steps.


Step 1:

Try the trousers on and fold up the hem internally to a preferred length. I used pins to indicate the fold but you can also use tailors chalk if you like.


Step 2:

Once you’ve folded the hems, carefully turn your trousers inside out and ensure that the fold are equal. Then gently iron on the fold to create new hemlines.


Step 3:

Now  you will need to cut off the excess hemlines – be careful when doing so that you don’t cut through your pants by accident. Also leave enough excess to be able to fold over and stitch.


Step 4:

Fold the excess hemlines and stitch your new hemlines. I chose to have a higher fold but ultimately it’s up  to you.



N.B. Be sure to cut off any leftover threads and iron the new hemlines before you wear your “good as new” trousers.


before after


You will note that I didn’t take too much off the length as I want to wear these pants with both heels and flats but how much you choose to take off is up to you. Something as simple as adjusting the length on your pants can change how you feel when you look in the mirror, we all want to look our best and it’s so easy to do so!


Be sure to comment and let me know if you’ve tried this, if you have any other tips or tricks. I know that there are probably tons of different methods but this worked best for me. I hope this will be the change you need to look as chic as can be!


Thanks, VB xx



  • I love your blog! I am also blessed with shorter legs and I didn’t realize that the bunching at the ankles makes them look even shorter! My sewing machine is going to be busy and I’m going to share your tip with my clients too. Have you tried that trick, works especially well with jeans, where you shorten them without removing the original hem?

    • I have indeed! It’s so handy when jeans are just too long! Thanks so much! Be sure to let your friends and clients know about my blog! Enjoy 🙂 x


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