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Throwback Thursday: 80’s fun


So before I dive into today’s post, I feel I should explain why last week Thursday’s throwback suddenly turned into a Friday flashback. As you discovered in Tuesday’s post, I was in Pretoria last week and having arrived late on Wednesday, the commotion resulted in me just not being entirely prepared for the post. Whatcha goin’ do? Life happens I guess 🙂 Regardless, I hope you enjoyed it.

One of the greatest, if not the greatest part about putting myself out there as a wannabe stylist is that I get to work with and meet so many talented people. This 80’s inspired shoot resulted in me working with the incredibly talented Shanleigh O’Reilly from The Two of Us Wedding photography as well as the gorgeous Valerie Wagner. We used the vibrant Seapoint promenade as our location and I was tasked with sourcing all things 80’s. I know that professionals might disagree with my selections but I had an absolute blast with this shoot and it was my first attempt at truly sourcing clothing and styling completely.

This shoot gave me the confidence to say that I want to keep at it, I have so much respect for professional stylists because there is so much more to their jobs that anyone realises. Simply sourcing a handful of looks was enough to get me in a spin, but I absolutely loved it!

Shanleigh was able to capture so many incredible shots that I am so proud to share with you today. I love being able to show these images and say with such utter appreciation that I was a part of this.






I don’t think there’s much else that could be said, other stressing how much I enjoyed being a part of this shoot. I think if I’m being honest, I just really want to put myself out there and experience as many different facets of the fashion industry as possible. Studying fashion design further heightened the curiousity that I already felt building inside of me and moving to Cape Town has been the best for bringing it to the surface.

If there are any Cape Town based models or photographers who are ever in need of an amateur stylist or even someone to assist their stylist please do contact me! I would really love to pursue this, even as just a really amazing hobby.

Let me know what you think in the comments, was it 80’s enough? What era-style shoot would you most want to be a part of?


Thanks, VB xx



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