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Sunday Funday!


So this is a day late but certainly not a dollar short!

When is the last time you went on a picnic? You know, with a blanket and a picnic basket, a wonderful group of friends and the great outdoors? Well we decided on Sunday that we would do just that! Unfortunately for us, Mother Nature didn’t exactly play along, we didn’t let that slow us down though.

Between myself and Kaylah, from Kaylah Oshry Events we made a variety of treats and snacks, including some homemade hummus, chocolate dipped strawberries, Rice Krispy Treats, pancakes and so much more. We took it upon ourselves to create the perfect tent. We even got bunting, balloons, board games and fairy lights. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t perfect but it certainly was cosy and just what we needed. Now I know that this nothing super fancy and I bet that we could easily be outdone but I just thought it would be great to share.



Oh and did I mention we captured the moment on video? Click the link below to catch a little glimpse into what our Sunday Funday picnic was all about.




What are your thoughts on an indoor picnic? What is something you might have done, or what snack would you have served? If you liked this please be sure to leave me a comment or simply give it a like.

Thanks, VB xx

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  • Loooove, looove the addition of a video. You make a super cute Vlogger, VeeVee. 🌼💜

    • You’re a star! Thanks hun! ♥

  • In Secunda it was a sunny and warm day on Sunday. Maybe you should move here and try picnicing in not so windy weather…

    • Next time for sure! Peyton and I can have a tea party 🙂

  • there is nothing greater than a rainy lazy Sunday in the mother city!! But now we have a reason to picnic indoors. You kids make it look like loads of fun.
    Well done Veronica on your first video. Keep it up x


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