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Whats in my hand luggage?


So if you’ve been following my posts lately you’ll know that I’ll be heading out to Mauritius soon. That’s also why this post is up so late, it’s been a tad chaotic lately and I’m just happy to have this up and know that I’m still able to share with you guys before I leave. I won’t be posting while I’m away but I’ll certainly have a whole segment dedicated to my trip once I return so fear not friends!

Today’s post gives a little insight into what I’ll be carrying with me in my hand luggage for my trip. I recently bought this adorable backpack from MR. Price because I can’t say that I own many and carrying a handbag or a tote bag as hand luggage just gets frustrating.

Time for a bit of honesty: I always over pack. There I said it. I like to always be prepared and that’s why my main luggage is not going to be discussed cause I do not have the time or the patience for a post like that! However, my hand luggage is pretty reasonable I like to think. It’s essentially what I would carry in my handbag daily but naturally with a few additions.


  1. I always get annoyed with my hair, even though it’s quite short now I like to ensure that I have an extra hair elastic and a couple of clips to deal with pesky strays.
  2. Now I know make-up isn’t essential for a flight but I just like to look fresh when I land so I like to just touch up my concealer with this Catrice Cosmetics Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer.
  3. To blend it in I like to use this UBU Concealer Brush #21.
  4. Just to brighten up my face I use this Barbara Hofman Angled Blush Brush.
  5. With my blush brush I add a pop of Essence Silky Touch Blush.
  6. Airplane cabins really dry out your skin so it’s always great to freshen up with a bit of Vitamin E Face Mist from The Body Shop. It’s also great as a makeshift body mist.
  7. I hate when my hands get sticky or dirty and when you’re at an airport there’s no telling the kind of germs you can pick up so I like to carry this Hand Sanitizer by Oh So Heavenly.
  8. My hands also get really dry really quickly so I make sure I’ve always got my Hand Cream with me, like this one from Oh So Heavenly.
  9. This compact is just a simple two mirror compact from Clicks.
  10. I have an obsession with this Essence XXL Nude Lipgloss in the colour Soft Almond and so I like to have it with me for when I get land.
  11. Because I won’t have applied much make-up before the flight, I want to wake up my eyes a little bit with this They’re Real Mascara by Benefit.
  12. No one likes sitting next to someone who’s smelling stale so I find it important to keep a Roll-on Deodorant nearby. I have this great travel size roll-on stick by Dove.
  13. My vlogging camera.
  14. Why fuss with cords? I make sure I have my awesome Bluetooth headset from LG to listen to music.
  15. In case something happens to my luggage or there’s an issue getting a rental car when I land, it’s essential for me to have my cell phone charger.
  16. I cannot wait to wear my new shades when I land, so I want to have them at the ready.
  17. Other essentials I like to have with me: Panado, lip balm, Halls, tissues and lots and lots of gum!
  18. I would be lost without my purse.
  19. I’m so excited to finally get my hands on this new Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Book!
  20. A girl’s guilty pleasure, I love having a Cosmopolitan with me.
  21. I am the worst when it comes to taking naps. Any bit of light will keep me awake and I just feel like it’s so great to catch some Z’s when you’re on a flight so I like to have my eye mask from Typo.
  22. My Passport of course!
  23. A pen and pencil for jotting down any notes or ideas.
  24. Staying hydrated is super crucial, even if you’re on a short flight so I have my “I poop Rainbows” water bottle with me, also from Typo.
  25. Lastly, just a simple notepad to be able to jot down said notes.

I might have forgotten a couple items, such as a lightweight sweater cause I get cold so easily and there’s nothing worse than freezing and wishing the flight was over. The only person I do wish I could sneak in my bag is…


And that’s everything! I’m really so excited for  this trip, to see my friend get married and just to explore Mauritius and get to tell you guys all about it!

Let me know if you think I’ve forgotten something or what you usually pack?

Thanks, VB xx




  • I always take those facial cleansing wipes- helps to feel fresh as you get off the plane. Enjoy pretty girl! Super article! Really nice to refer back to as one always feels that they have forgotten something when they travel.

    Have a blast!!

  • OMG your cat is so very cute!!!

    Love from London,


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