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Old vs New Make-up brushes!


So being the make-up newbie that I am, I’m super chuffed to talk about this great of brushes that I bought online recently. I’ve been on the lookout for brushes for a while now, searching through endless online sites trying to find a set that has everything I need at a reasonable price. Eventually when I had pretty much given up hope, I found this set! I won’t go on for too long about that as it’s starting to sound uber cheesy and cliche but needless to say, I really was happy to find a set that had everything I need.

The set I purchased is the Morphe 11 piece Pro Sable Brush Set and while I bought it from a South African site MuseBeauty, I’m sure there are several international sites where you can get your hands on these bad boys.

My obsession with YouTube make-up tutorials helped confirm that it’s a great brand to choose and I have to say I’m more than satisfied with what I’ve received.

Below you’ll see all the brushes I’ve received in this set.

Pointed Liner Brush


Angle Liner Brush


Concealer Brush


Pencil Brush


Tapered Blender Brush


Round Blender Brush


Angle Blush/Contour Brush


Foundation Brush


Bronzer Brush


Duo Foundation Brush


Powder Brush



Last of all, the best part about purchasing these brushes is getting to create a video for my YouTube channel where I compare my old brushes with the new ones. Please be sure to check it out and head to YouTube to like and Subscribe to my channel.

I know I’m no make-up guru, in fact I’m very far from it but I’m happy to be treading the water slowly. In time I’d love to post make-up look videos on YouTube but for now I’m more than happy sharing this with all of you.

What do you think of this set? Which brushes do you use at the moment? Are you even a make-up kinda girl or nah? I’d love to hear it all!

Thanks, VB xx


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