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Our Girls Night


With how busy our lives are becoming, it’s important to take time out, to put on your pj’s and catch up with your besties. This is exactly what we did this past Tuesday – myself, Kaylah from kaylahoshryevents and Paige got together and did what girls do best. We had waffles and ice cream for dinner, we drank wine and champagne and goofed around. There is something so restorative about not taking yourself so seriously and just having a good time.


I can’t remember the last time I watched Mean Girls and took my mind off of work and all other daily stresses. It was also such a treat to whip up a face mask and feel silly with my friends. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who feels like they’re being overloaded, it’s  one night that you’ll be grateful for.

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When’s the last time  you had a girls night? Let me know what’s your personal girls night must-have!

Thanks, VB xx


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