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When you surround yourself with positive people, great things happen. I know this because this blog post is all about a group of young creatives coming together to produce a fantastic shoot. A three-look shoot that is soon going to grow into something more, but all in good time.

What will surprise you most is that it wasn’t one of the few shoots that I’ve assisted on here in Cape Town, this was a shoot all the way in my little home town called Secunda. How it all came to be was, I was contacted a few weeks ago by an old friend who is now a lifestyle blogger/designer/artist named Leo Burg. He brought up the idea with very little faith that I would say yes to the concept but the moment I heard what he had to say I knew there was no way that I could say no.

This meant that Leo, myself and a team of fellow creatives from Secunda, namely Velani from Velani Venter Photography, Lerushka Harrinarain the talented MUA and of course our models Sulette Lamprecht and Ewalt Wolfaardt came together to bring this shoot to life.

As a stylist it was my responsibility to pick the looks and plan the style directive, Leo and I decided that there would be two fashion driven looks – one that is the epitome of boho-chic and effortless care free style and the second that was hardcore rock and glam. The last look we decided on was a make-up focused look where I was used as the model and I’ll tell you, it was quite the experience.


Below are a few behind the scenes shots to get you excited to see the end product…








And that is all for now! I can’t wait to see the final images and the final concept as a whole, I think it’s going to be unique and exciting. I’ll be sure to share the final results with you but be sure to let me know what you think so far!

Thanks, VB xx



  • really awesome and so so exciting to read…

  • Still waiting for the final results!


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