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A Short Girl’s Guide: The Lampshade Trend


Disclaimer: I am wearing shorts underneath this sweater, Mom!

When it comes to trying out different trends, it’s never as easy approaching the look when you don’t have the same never-ending legs as the models showcasing the trend do. It has never been a deterrent for me, I’ve always felt that it’s worth trying a new look even if it doesn’t work for me. The Lampshade trend is a look I’ve been curious about for the longest time and all through winter I considered trying to create the look but never felt confident enough, ironically now in South African summer I felt ready.

Conventionally the look consists of an oversized T-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt and a pair of thigh high boots – that would look ridiculous on me. I’m not saying that short girl’s can’t work the thigh high boot trend, I’m simply saying that in my case, an oversized sweatshirt paired with thigh high boots would have made my legs disappear entirely. The trick is to adapt the trend to suit your height and figure. I decided that in order for this look to work for me, I would need to wear ankle boots to ensure that my legs weren’t lost in a sea of fabric and boots.

To be honest, I was not too sold on the look so I didn’t rush out to buy an oversized tee or hoodie and simply decided to use a longer length sweater that I pulled out of Rueben’s closet. It’s long sleeved which makes it ideal for those colder days and while I didn’t, it would be great to add a pair of black tights if you feel concsious of your legs. The boots I wore are a pair of moss green ankle boots from MRP and I absolutely loved the colour combination but really the options are endless.

Photographer: @Luchaupt
To conclude:

I felt weirdly exposed even though I’m not opposed to wearing shorter dresses or skirts but I think adding tights might have made me feel better. I do love how comfortable and effortless this look was and I definitely think I would give it a try again.

Let me know what you think? Would you be keen to try out this look? If so please let me know in the comments below and also post your pics on Instagram and tag me in them and use the hashtage #veebeecouture so I get to see your version of this look.

Thanks, VB xx



  • This is my favourite look, honestly. I think it looks so cute on you.
    Also! I’ve recently bought a oversized tee that comes to the same length and this gives me courage to go out and wear it! (With shorts underneath of course ;))


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