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How to: Update an old pair of heels


Have you got an old pair of heels sitting in your closet? Well I had three pairs that were just begging for a revamp! I had bought them for my third year fashion show and had not used them since so I decided it would be a great time to do a little sprucing up.

Please excuse all my festive details, I’m very much in the Christmas spirit at the moment! Then again when November comes to a close, I get super psyched for Christmas so it’s no surprise. Also, all the heels are already pre DIY’ed so there’s that too.

All three pairs that I have are identical but you can use any old pair of heels to try any of these techniques.

Technique one: Stitch detail

This one is a bit of a cheat because I did this when I was in my third year but I love the way it looks so I thought it would be great to share. In the image below you’ll see that I feature a red marker purely because I couldn’t find my black one anywhere but it’s as simple as you would expect. All you need to do is decide where you would want to add the stitch detail and with your marker you mark individual stitches.









Technique two: Painted tip

This technique I’ve seen a couple times before and wanted to try it out for myself. As I mentioned above, all the heels have already been detailed in the past and so they all have the stitch detail but you can add both or either to your heels. Simply tape off the section you want to be painted and grab some black or any colour of your choosing and get painting! I used a magazine to press on to avoid messing on my tablecloth and also I only realised after that I didn’t clean up the paint on the bottom.








Technique 3: The bow on the back

I love how girly this is! You simply tie a bow and I used jewellery glue which surprisingly held but I would rather suggest using a stronger glue to ensure it doesn’t fall off. I chose to attach to the back of the heels but you could make smaller bows and attach them to the front. It’s all up to you!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

These simple techniques will make bring back to life an old forgotten favourite pair of heels this season or any time of the year really! I love all three looks but I have to say the bow is my favourite!

Let me know which is your fave and if you try any of these techniques please be sure to tag me on insta or wherever you post it!

Thanks, VB xx


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