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Home Decor: Two bouquets. Three Displays


Maybe it’s just with wedding on the brain but I decided it was time to spruce up our home decor with some flowers. Normally, I much prefer a potted plant because they’re around for much longer (sometimes). In this case I was willing to make an exception. My initial plan was to buy one bouquet of flowers and make two displays. However, when you’re standing looking your considerably limited options you start to overthink. Okay, maybe that’s just me. Needless to say, I picked two similar bouquets and formed three beautiful displays.


Full disclosure: I am terrible at identifying flowers. Please don’t judge.

Bouquet One

I decided that since there were only two beautiful magenta roses I would team them with some greenery. It was perfect because although I didn’t have a vase for this small display, I had a yet to be used pot for a pot plant and an empty jar which was luckily the perfect size.

Bouquet Two

I wanted a display on my bedside because cluttered as it already is I was clearly looking to use up whatever space was remaining. All jokes aside, this vase was the perfect size for the space and I was luckily that in the two bouquets there was a fair amount of Gerberas. I simply cut them all to roughly the same length and tied them together to keep it looking neat and added some greenery.


Bouquet Three

What remained were some striking Gerberas and some lilies that have not opened yet. They were perfect to arrange the flowers in small bunches and add the extra greenery and lilies in the gaps available. The pops of colour make it the perfect addition to our coffee table in our lounge.

So if you’re not sure where to put a single display of flowers then don’t settle for one room.  Split them up and bring your whole home (or at least three rooms) to life.

If you decide to use this hack please do let me know! Leave a message in the comments or post your pics and tag me in them!

Thanks, VB xx

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