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A Short Girl’s Guide to Dungarees


Whether you’re just a lover of all things denim like me, or simply a sucker for 90’s trends, you can’t not love a pair of dungarees. I’ve had this pair for quite some time and I figure why not make the most out of them. The assumption is that they’re too casual to dress up but I absolutely disagree. I’m here to show you three different ways to style your favourite pair of dunagrees.

Look 1:

This is one of my favourite looks! I’ve always been obsessed with stripes and so this top is a permanent feature in my wardrobe. This look is trans-seasonal and all you’ll need is your pair of dungarees and classic black and white striped top. Complete the look with a pair of lace up pumps and you’re set. 


Look 2:

Love wearing crop tops but don’t like all the tummy action? This is the perfect way to wear a chic crop without feeling too exposed and it’s an ideal summer look. I added a hat and slipped on a pair of sandals to finish off my dungaree ensemble.

Look 3:

Dungarees on a night out? Why the hell not?! They’re super comfy and can be super chic of you style them right. All you need is a sheer white blouse, bell sleeves are all the rage at the moment so look out for that too. Pair the look with metallic heels and voila – you’re all glammed up!


And there you have it! Three effortlessly stylish looks for you to try anytime day or night and all you need is a classic pair of denim dungarees.

Would you try any of these looks? Which one is your favourite? Be sure to let me know in the comments down below1

Thanks, VB xx

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