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Date Look Day & Night


Finding the perfect date look can be challenging! Finding the perfect look that is suitable for day to night – let’s not even go there! Actually, let’s get right into that because I’m here to show you that you can wear your statement piece the whole day through.

When picking a date look, I feel it’s important to have a statement piece that pulls your look together. The benefit of this piece is that it’ll be just what you need to sass up your flirty and feminine day look with ease. Whether you’re heading from work to a date or you’re going from lunch to dinner and want to change it up a little, you might have only a few minutes to freshen up and you’ll want to knock it out the park.

I believe you should always have extra clothes with you for just such emergencies and I’m here to show you how to use one skirt and take your look from day to night.

Day look:

As a shorty, I find I look and feel my best when I wear a skirt that elongates my legs so this Stradivarius one is perfect. I love the embroidered detail and it’s not too over the top for a day look. Keep your day look flirty and chic by pairing a high waist skirt with a crop top and add minimal accessories. I chose to add a pair of heels but you can definitely add a cute pair of pumps or loafers to this look. I chose to add the colour red to my look but it’s all up to you. To get the look:

Skirt – Stradivarius 
Crop Top – Edgars
Heels – Zoom
Earrings – Lovisa

Night look:

When night time comes around you’ll want to amp up the sex appeal of your look. Swap out your crop top for that white collar shirt from work (or steal one of his) and button it up but not all the way. Keep your look sassy by pulling the shirt off your shoulders and showing a bit of extra skin. Had your hair up? Let it loose and allowing to sweep on your shoulders as this will immediately transition your look from day to night. The last step would be to swap out your day heels for a sleek pair of black stilettos and maybe a slightly darker lip. To get the look:

Skirt – Stradivarius 
White Shirt – Polo
Heels – Ted Baker
Earrings – Lovisa

There you have it! A simple but oh so effective way to take your date look from day to night. This was my look and I hope you’ll recreate it!


♥ Wear a statement piece

♥ Focus on your favourite feature in both looks (e.g your legs)

♥ Switch up your hair and makeup

♥ Wear what you love

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments down below!

Thanks, VB xx


  • Love both outfits, you look great in both

  • Love the skirt!


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