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Essentials Clothing Haul


As an avid lover of clothing and the whole shopping experience, I can say  that I’m that person who says “I have nothing to wear” or “I have nothing I like”. This is possibly why I felt an urge to do a bit of shopping recently but hey, who really needs a reason? I went with the intention to buy the few essentials that I felt my wardrobe was lacking and I have to say, I’m happy with the result.

This post is a good old clothing haul!

I went shopping with my mom and we went all around Canal Walk Shopping Centre and while there was certainly a lot I wanted to buy,  I only bought what I needed. Our first stop was Woolworths because they had quite the sale going on and even though I spent a good hour in there, I only left with a few accessories – typical!

Long story short, I did the bulk of my shopping at Cotton On and Edgars. I love that Edgars stocks so many great brands and that Cotton On just has really good deals. (P.S This is not a promo, this is just purely my opinion.)

What I bought:

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I also did a little video that I think you guys might enjoy! Be sure to click on the title of the video to give it a like and subscribe while you’re at it! I really love all the support  I get and it means the world to me.


What are some wardrobe essentials that you can’t live without? I know that I’m happy I got my hands on these, because usually I buy statement pieces. Are you the type who usually buys essentials or statement pieces? Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know!

Thanks, VB xx

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