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I wish I could say that styling is something I do more often but unfortunately with a full time job it’s not really the case. It does however mean that when I get to style for photo shoots I really love the experience so much.

The entire photo shoot was shot on a film camera, which certainly made things interesting. It definitely meant that getting the right shot was crucial AF. One piece of advice I can give you is always have a pair of flats with you when you’re styling a shoot. Leaving work after wearing heels all day only to wear heels and walk from location to location in the same pair of heels is not ideal at all.

Other than my foolish mistake, everything else was smooth sailing and gorgeous results. It probably (definitely) helps when you’re working with a beautiful model like Nicole.

The images are great and certainly speak for themselves. I’m not sure if posts like these are really enjoyable for anyone but I love sharing them. They’re important to me because the experience is awesome and I love the idea of getting to share it. So, if you enjoy posts like this then I hope you liked it and if not, maybe I’ll post something else you might like next time.


Model: Nicole Lynn Wöcke // @itsnicolelynn

Photographer: Aubrey Ndiweni // @apetownshenanigans

Stylist: Me // @veebett

Be sure to let me know what you think!

Thanks, VB xx


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