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Contour: Cream vs Powder


Often find yourself at the makeup counter not knowing what the best option is? Same. I was recently looking to get my hands on a good quality, drug store contour option and ended up with two. I thought I would try them out and show you.

First Impressions:

I honestly thought the cream contour would be way more effective, can’t really say why but I will say that I was quite wrong. The even sadder truth is that I’ve been using it a lot recently thinking I had the whole contor thing down. Yeah no, I certainly do not. It happens at some point right?
The powder I hadn’t used until this video and was pleasantly impressed. Up until I purchased these contour products I was using an L.A girl powder contour that was hardly effective hence my doubting the Wet n Wild one I had gotten.


This NYX contour and highlight stick is great if you want a really subtle contour and quite a glowy highlight. I will definitely keep using it but certainly not as a solo option, I see myself using the cream and powder contour options together. (Maybe that what you’re meant to do? *Cringe* I feel like I know so little.)


The powder contour was definitely a success, my blending skills not so much but thats not why we’re here. The colour is great and while I cant say the highlighter is all that useful, the contour powder is certainly going to be used.


I love the cream highlight and the powder contour. Good thing I own both 😉

Why don’t you watch this video and have a little laugh at the fact that I had no idea that the cream contour was not showing up on camera. I make me cringe but hey, it’s all good fun right?

Please let me know in the comments which products you recommend.

Thanks, VB xx

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