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A Short Girls Guide: 4 Tips to look your best!


Yes, I’m back at it again! I’ve got 4 quick and effortless tips to instantly  take your look from meh to wow!

Often times we don’t realise that the smallest adjustment to a look can make all the difference. As a shortie, I know that the last thing I want is to look any shorter than I already am. It’s great knowing that there are simple hacks that I can use pretty much daily to improve my look.

Avoid longer length tops

Tuck in your shirt! It’s honestly the simplest and most effective hack. Longer length tops are not at all flattering for short girls because they make your legs look short and stumpy. When you tuck in your tee, your blouse or any top, you immediately accenuate your waist and elongate your legs

Show some ankle

By simply rolling up your jeans or opting for pants that are cropped at the ankle you create the illusion of longer legs. You’ll immediately look and feel chicer and taller. Also there is NOTHING cute about your jeans bundling up around your ankles.

Knee-length is a no-no!

Want your legs to look chopped in half? Nope, didn’t think so. By opting for a mini skirt or a midi skirt, your legs will appear instantly longer and you won’t look out of proportion or frumpy.

Add a heel

I don’t mean wear skyscraper stilettos everyday but any heel is better than no heel. Flat on the ground ballerina pumps are the least flattering option as they just do nothing for your height and they make you look shorter. However, pumps or sneakers or even sandals with even the slightest heel will immediately make a difference. Kitten heels and mules are making a huge comeback and those are perfect for adding height without needing high heels.


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Thanks, VB xx

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