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Lookbook: Outfits of the Week


For the longest time I’ve been wanting to do a lookbook post, now I know this isn’t all that glam but it’s a start. I don’t normally plan my outfits in advance, I’m a “whatever catches my eye in the morning” kinda person. That meant that this was a welcomed challenged, I mean you read so many posts about what success women/bloggers/stylists/people do and being prepared in the morning is one of the things they do. I’m working on it, okay! Soon enough I’ll be on the track to greatness but for now, here are my looks of the week.


Off to a good start! Actually, it was like 11pm on Sunday and I just wanted to go to bed and so I picked this. I certainly think it worked. This dress is actually a jacket, but I love how perfectly it works as a wrap dress. The colour is amazing and the boots are sleek and add an edgy element to the outfit. I didn’t feel like dealing with my hair so back it went and I grabbed the biggest earrings I could find.



On Monday evening, Rueben said I should just go crazy with colour next and I think I followed through? In keeping with the theme of the week, my off the shoulder top – yeah, that’s a dress. I tucked it in to my good old faithful black mini skirt which I’ve had for ages. Not keen on heels (a real shock if you know me), I opted for my Vans instead. I love these shoes, they’re so comfy and they work with everything! Lastly I grabbed, what I affectionately call, my Russian mobster wife jacket. Top knot and we’re out!



I have to say, this is my utmost fave. It was a bit cooler on Wednesday which is why I grabbed the coat but the whole outfit just made me happy. My go-to black work trousers and my fave heels of the moment, tick! I was originally planning on wearing the white blouse solo but it just felt a bit bland so I figured I would add my olive green cami. I really love the way this look turned out, especially the way my hair and makeup agreed with me.


Never did I think I would dress like a school girl to work, but hey here we are! This pinafore is awesome, the moss green is such a great colour and it fits so comfortably. This outfit felt very ’90s and I was so happy about it. The jersey I had on, I bought from a random fleamarket store and I’ve had it for a couple years now and I still love it. Vans again and my trusty denim jacket, braids in my hair (obvs) and I’m off.


No, I was not feeling lazy and giving up. I just really love this colour. Rueben bought me this jacket last year for my birthday and I’ve pretty much lived in it ever since. We had a work get together that afternoon so wearing heels was out of the question. My mom jeans are so rad and I kinda want to add a million more patches other than the exisiting ones. They fit so comfortably and I like to believe that my belt was the perfect finishing touch. Minimal makeup cause Friday and ginormous hoop earrings. Hello weekend!

So there you have it, I hope that you enjoyed this lookbook series as much as I did. I mean I even made a video about it.

Be sure to leave me a comment here or on my video and let me know which outfit was your fave and why. Also let me know if you think I should do more of these or if you can give me a lookbook challenge!

Outfit details in the comments below

Thanks, VB xx


  • Monday:
    Jacket/Dress – The Fix
    Boots – Woolworths
    Earrings – Lovisa

    Dress/Top – Edgars
    Skirt – Edgars
    Sneakers – Vans
    Choker – MRP

    White blouse – Edgars
    Olive cami – Cotton on
    Trousers – Mango
    Heels – The Fix
    Coat – Forever New

    Pinafore – MRP
    Jersey – Random store
    Sneakers – Vans

    Bomber – Topshop
    Jersey – Random store
    Jeans – MRP
    Sneakers – Vans
    Earrings – Lovisa


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