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May Favourites 2017


I cannot express how long I’ve been wanting to do a favourites post! It’s one of my favourite style of videos to watch and I just love getting to see what people have been loving. This is what I’ve been loving for the month of May. It’s obviously not an extensive list and I don’t think my favourites posts will be too lengthy right off the bat but I’m happy to be starting this series. The video will be on YouTube channel but there will also be a link down below.

May Favourites

Be Happy Mug

I’m a tea lover so this is an awesome one for me. I have two special mugs and now this is the third. It’s not very deep but I love the shape and the colur, it just puts me in a good mood everytime I use it. The great thing is that, with winter on our doorstep in South Africa, I’ll be drinking a lot more tea and I’ll definitely be using this bad boy!

Where to find it: Typo

May Favourite Be happy Mug

Fitbit Watch

Who knew that getting your steps in could look so sleek? This watch does so much more than tell the time and count your steps! This watch is a favourite because I haven’t wanted to take it off since the day I got it. It’s great for staying fit but what I love is how chic and sporty it is, I normally love a classic leather strap watch but this is one I will make an exception for. It’s a must-have if you’re looking to start training or just pay better attention to your health. Also, it comes with an app that helps track your water in take, it can help you track what you eat. Just try it out for yourself!

Where to find it: Fitbit

May Favourite Fitbit watch

Rimmel Lipstick

Dark lipsticks are a must-have for any season and that’s why this one by Rimmel is on my favourites list. This matte lip is soft on your lips, it certainly won’t dry or crack your lips which is generally my issue with matt lip products. I love that it’s an actual lipstick and not a liquid lipstick, it just feels so chic and classic. I love that I can wear this colour day or night and it doesn’t feel too over the top. Shade – “Look Who’s Talking”

Where to find it: Clicks

May Favourite Rimmel Lipstick

Lush Shower Jelly

I am asbolutely in love with this product! I have sensitive skin so most products leave my skin feeling dry and itchy but this is so moisturising and gentle. Never in my life did I think I would be using a jelly-like product to clean my body with, but hey – here we are! I love the way it smells and the way it leaves my skin feeling so soft. It lasts for ages, I’ve been using mine well over a month and it’s got a long way to go before I need a new one. This is my first Lush product and I’m happy to say it certainly won’t be my last.

Where to find it: Lush

May Favourite Lush Shower Jelly

Classic Vans

As strange as it feels to say, I love this pair of sneakers! Like honestly, I’ve never been much into sneakers, I had them because I needed them for sport days at school but never by choice. I don’t know why I’m so fussy when it comes to shoes that aren’t heels but I’m definitely more open to the idea now. Wearing these Vans has made me realise that you don’t need heels to look stylish or feel taller. These sneaks make me feel edgy and just cool. I love that they work with any look and just how super comfy they are!

Where to find them: Vans

May Favourite Vans Sneakers

adidas Superstars

Who knew these would become my favourites? Not me! But I fell in love with them the moment I got them! In fact I’m wearing them now as I write this. They’re so comfy and cute and sporty! I feel like I’ve missed out so much by not wearing sneakers in the past but I’m for sure going to make up for it now! These superstars are so stylish, I absolutely love the colour palette and the fact that they are so unique. I never thought I would base so many outfits around a pair of sneakers but I love them so much.

Where to find them: adidas

May Favourite adidas Superstar sneakers

So there you have my favourites for the month of May. I really hope you like this kinda post as much as I do, because I would love to continue this series. If you do like it then let me know by leaving me a comment and the end of this post or on my Youtube video linked below.

Also: I’ve been blogging for 2 years now!? How crazy! I love doing this so much and I really hope to make a huge success out of it, with your support I can.

Thanks, VB xx

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