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Winter Reading List


I’m so not a fan of winter but it’s also the perfect time to get cosy and do some reading. I generally love reading but weekends during winter are the perfect time to have a cup of tea (or 7) and curl up with a good book. With all this being said, I decided I would share with you my reading list for the following winter months. Each book is so different and appeal to me in different ways, which I’m quite excited about.

I used to be the kind of girl who only ever read teen fiction and pretty much anything by Louise Bagshawe (aka my fave author, duh!). As I’ve gotten older I’ve expanded my range and started reading a wider variety of books. The great thing about reading is that you get to be someone new every time you open a book. You get to be a character in a world that you would never have imagined, even when the book is a self-help book. Hear me out, in self-help books you get to envision the best version of yourself and then you get to make it happen.

Anyway, enough babbling, here are my books of choice:


The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle)

The Power Of Now - Eckhart Tolle

The first book on my list is a self-help book – hold of any judgement! I used to be so skeptical too but having listened to a few great audiobooks and read a few really helpful books, I’ve started to change my mind. The Power Of Now is a book about living in  the present, living in the “now”. It’s about letting go of the past and not worrying about the future. For me, I suffer from really not so great anxiety and I’m hoping this will help centre me. It’s important to give yourself time and seek out guidance wherever you can. So many people have written endless great reviews about this book – Oprah praises this book as well as Tolle. I’m not saying you should jump on the bandwagon but I don’t think it would hurt to give it a try.


Girl Online: On Tour (Zoe Sugg)

Girl Online - Zoe Sugg

Hello teenage me, girl I’ve got you covered! This book speaks to my inner (and outer tbh) girly girl and just makes me so happy. It’s such a light-hearted but deep story about a teenage girl who falls in love but doesn’t want to lose her identity because of it. This is the kind of book I’ll read in one weekend because I probably won’t be able to put it down! Follow the story of Penny, her bestie Elliot and her new boo Noah as well as her blog (hey! Bloggers represent!). I’m not saying this is a life changing story but I’m saying it’ll probably make you smile and reminisce on your teenage years. If the first book in the series (Girl Online) is anything to go by, I’m really looking forward to this.


American Tabloid (James Ellroy)

American Tabloid - James Ellroy

If you’re a lover of crime novels/crime investigation then is might be for you! I first heard about James Ellroy when listening to the audiobook version of The Black Dahlia by Steve Hodel. Ellroy has written his own version of the crime and I was intrigued to read it, however when I got to my local bookstore they didn’t have it. They did have American Tabloid though, a novel about the days leading up to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Now tell me that doesn’t sound thrilling? It’s important to note that it’s just a novel and I’m not sure how many facts are accurate in this book but it’s a crime novel so I’m already excited. I’m pretty sure that once I start reading it I won’t be able to put it down.


Get a life (Vivienne Westwood)

Get A Life - Vivienne Westwood

Who doesn’t want to get to know one of the greatest fashion designers in history? This book is written by Vivienne Westwood describing her life from 2010 until 2016. I think it’ll be quite interesting to see how she lives, her design process and hopefully get to see her insights about how the fashion industry has changed. Westwood is so much more than just a designer, she’s a style revolutionary and she makes waves everytime her collections hit the runway. I think it’s important for me to read books like this to remind me why I love the fashion industry so much, why I studied in the first place. It’ll be an awesome way to reignite my love for the field of fashion, not that I need to reignite it but why the hell not?


Stack of books

A season for reading

Each of these books are so different from one another and I can’t wait to dive into each one of them. I’ll need to finish my current book first, The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead before I can jump onto anything else though. I don’t know about you but I’m not the kind of person who can read multiple books at a time. I like to dive headfirst into a book/story and completely dedicate my attention to it. I’m also not sure if I’m going to read them in this order but I’ll tweet every time I start one of these bad boys and keep you update as I go along.

Oh by the way, I made a video all about this too:

I know this type of post/video is quite different from my regular content… I’m still figuring out my content as I go along. If you look back at my first posts, you’ll really see how much things have changed. I know that I want to blog about fashion topics, as well as beauty and lifestyle, which means I’m going to need time to finetune my work.

I do hope you enjoy it though, I know I do. 🙂

Please let me know what you think about the books I’ve chosen. What kinda books do you enjoy reading? Let me know down in the comments below.

Thanks, VB xx

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