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Evening Skincare Routine


I know an evening skincare routine is probably not high on the list of the most exciting posts out there but hear me out. Skincare is so important and if we don’t take the time to look after our skin, we’ll be kicking ourselves in a few years time. I genuinely love watching videos like this as well as reading blog posts related t skin care. Which is ultimately why I decided to do the opposite of a makeup tutorial and show you how I take it all off. That and I also think it’s incredibly important to love your skin, accept your redness and blotchiness, or whatever the case may be. When you love your skin you take better care of it and I’m here to show you how I unwind in the evenings and take care of my skin.

Make-up Remover:

Firstly I start off by removing any makeup I might be wearing. I’m currently using the Garnier Pure Active Micellar Skin Cleanser, which I love! It’s often a toss-up for me between wipes and a liquid remover, at one stage I only used coconut oil! I do still recommend the coconut oil because it’s generally so good for the skin but it’s a lengthier process to remove your makeup.

Garnier Pure Active

Face mask:

I don’t always do a face mask but when I do (cue the memes), it’s the Sea of Spa Bio Spa Pure Mud Mask. This particular brand is not one that’s easy to find but it’s really fantastic and truthfully any face mask will do. I don’t mind the cloth masks but I feel like you get a better cleanse with the mud or cream masks.

Sea of Spa Pure Mud Mask

Face Wash:

I’ve been using this face wash for over a year and I really do love it. Certain face wash products tend to make my skin feel dry or cause dry patches but this Isabella Garcia Face Wash is really gentle on the skin. It’s great for removing any excess makeup and is really effective when dealing with pimples.

Isabella Garcia Face Wash

Firming serum:

While I haven’t quite delved into the world of facial serum, I use the Ultra Advanced Firming-up Gel by Isabella Garcia. It has a cooling effect and really does a great job of tightening up the skin around the eyes. I know it’s not like I have crazy lines but I do have smile lines and this softens them.

Firming-up gel and Night Cream

Night cream:

I feel like I’m really adulting when I say that I have a day cream and a night cream. Whenever I apply this African Extracts Rooibos Night Cream I know that I’m ready for bed, it leaves my skin feeling super soft and moisturised. I could skip every step and just use this cream and I would be happy.

To give you a little more detail I made a video:

I hope this inspires you to maybe change-up your skincare routine, or even inspires you to have one. I honestly only started focusing more on my skin this year and I feel so good knowing that I’m taking care of my face. Makeup is great and maybe one day I’ll create the perfect winged eyeliner but for now I’m happy with knowing my skin is being taken care of!
What products can you not live without? Leave me a comment and let me know, maybe I’ll try some of them out!

Thanks, VB xx

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  • nice. i love reading blogs about skin care. thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I plan to do an updated post soon 🙂


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