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How to define your style


If you’re a bit like me, you’ll find that defining your style can be a bit challenging. So often we get caught up in different trends and choose to follow them rather than our own intuition. I know for myself that sometimes I can get carried away and end up buying items that I think I love because I’ve seen it everywhere. I’m still trying to define my style.

The way I decided to push myself a little was to do a 31 day style challenge, you can follow my updates on my insta if you like. By doing this, I’ve seen that I don’t really have a set style. I don’t really have one go-to and maybe that’s okay but I’d like to be more of my look. It would be great for me to look at my wardrobe and love everything in it. (which is not really the case at the moment tbh).

Here is what I’ve come up with is a bit of advice to help define your style.


Like most challenges in life, research is key. Grab a stack of magazines and start identifying the looks that you love most. Not just the really chic ones, but the ones you can see yourself wearing. Go ahead and do the same with your insta or even pinterest. Use the insta bookmark feature or create a pinterest board of looks. Once that’s all done you’ll definitely start to see a pattern, a set look throughout. It might surprise you, it might not but it’s the first style step in the right direction.


Now that you know what you’re looking for, you need to look at what you’ve got. Your wardrobe is the real starting point in this case. Go through everything you own, for every season and set aside pieces that suit your new style. Anything that you feel relates to the new look that you’re planning to establish. This will definitely boost your spirits as you’ll probably find more things than you realise.


Here comes the hard part. This is the part where you look at the remaining items in your wardrobe and do some axing. Create a pile of items to donate or give away, any items that really have no place in the new wardrobe you’re trying to build. It’s important to be ruthless because the cleanse will be so refreshing and it’ll make you ready for the new you. Obviously there will be a few items that you just can’t bear to part with and that’s okay too. Keep them all together for keepsake purposes.


Once you’ve gone through all the cleansing, now is the planning. I like the idea of making a list of items that you plan to purchase to suit your new look. It’s great because it’ll be an exciting new chapter than you’re planning on embarking on. Personally I feel that it’ll improve the way you shop, because when you know what you’re looking for then you make smarter choices. Don’t get caught up in fads or anything too trend driven, it’s always better to invest in quality pieces that you’ll love for longer.


This is all up to you! I can talk a good talk but remember that your style is yours for a reason. If you don’t feel like it needs to be perfectly defined down to the knickers then only do what makes you feel good. Never let insta accounts create an insecurity in you that forces you to change the person you are. Love yourself and the way that you look!

I hope that you enjoyed this post, I honestly enjoyed it more than I thought. I’m going to definitely use this advice myself when I do my closet spring clean! Do you have any advice for me? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Thanks, VB xx

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