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So this is rather out of the norm, my experience as a judge on a modelling competition is not something you read about everyday. In fact it’s probably only once a year! I love getting to judge this competition because I love seeing how much it means. The contestants take this so seriously as they should, they put their whole hearts into it.

My Judge Experience

Being up at 5am is not something I take lightly – I love my sleep! Judging is a full day story which starts with the first coffee and introductions for the day. I’m in good company though, my fellow judges are Chanel Cromhout who is the Director of International Relations Africa at World Fashion Week and Juan-Martin Jordt who is a real power house! Not only is he a DJ at Hashtag Radio but he is also a model, MC and so much more.

This year I’m a judge for the older age group and I’m grateful. You try being a judge for ages 3 to 11 and tell me it isn’t tough to just melt! Getting to judge the ages 12 and up means I can give honest and constructive criticism and know that it’ll help. These guys and girls are mature and they’re really dedicated to what they do. We’re busy from the early hours in the morning until way after sunset. I say “we’re” very lightly knowing that I have an integral but small role to play in the whole set up and get to enjoy the perks of a never-ending stream of coffee. The whole experience is great.

Model and founder
Category winner Lisa Heyns and WCMC co-founder Reana van Tonder

The categories

Each model takes part in 5 different categories, namely the: casual walk, evening walk, catwalk, interview and photogenic. These categories are designed to help discover each model’s strong suits and help them hone in on them. We try our best to be critical but always fair, to judge each individual without comparison. Personally I really enjoy the interview phase because I like getting to know the person behind the fierce catwalk face. Often these models will surprise you with their aspirations to become teachers, lawyers and even neuroscientists.

Medals, certificates and trophies

My viewpoint

The modelling industry is not something I ever saw myself getting involved in. Other than working with models on shoots of course! It was purely because Reana, the founder of RVT modelling school is such a great friend of mine. I’ve attended other events of hers in the past and so when she contacted me last year and again this year to judge, it was a no-brainer. While many might think it’s a very shallow industry, everyone involved is genuine and hard-working. Anyone of these models will tell you how much this truly means to them, how it’s boosted confidence and self-esteem, how friendships have been formed for life.

To give you a better understanding of everything, I created a short video:

What are your thoughts on pageantry and modelling? Please be sure to leave me a comment and let me know! Also if you’d like to get involved then contact me 🙂

Thanks, VB xx

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  • Wow wow, thank you Vee for taking the time once again to be part of the day. We enjoy having you there and you really are a stunning judge!!! <3

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