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July Favourites


I know I normally do my favourites posts with a video but this time around, I didn’t have all that many. Instead, I decided to share my faves with you here and do a Q&A on my Youtube Channel. It’s so odd because I’m pretty sure I must have had more July favourites but hey, there’s always next month!

My copper Lamp

How could I not start with this gorgeous item? Rueben bought it for me and I’ve loved it since I laid my eyes on it. It’s exactly what I wanted, it gives off so much light and it just adds such an edgy touch to my space. I would love to tell you where he got it from but he refuses to tell me. You can definitely find similar ones on Zando and MRPHome.

Rose-pink Sunglasses

I never thought I would ever be cool enough to wear these sunnies! I honestly love them, they make me feel chic and the UV protection means I can wear them and not stress about my eyes. They make me even more excited for summer than I already am! I got them from Iamtrend.co.za

Gigantic Hoop Earrings

Don’t be fooled – these earrings are large and in charge! I’ve always loved hoop earrings because they’re a great classic accessory at any size. These large hoop earrings pretty much almost rest on my shoulders but they’re perfect for completing a rather basic look. The silver-tone is great and versatile and they’re not crazy heavy like you would expect. I found these at Forever 21.

Maybelline Push Up Angel Mascara

I do so regret not taking a photo of this mascara’s wand, because it’s the whole reason I love it so much! This wand has one strand of rubber bristles for a sleek and effortless application. I use this mascara daily for my top and bottom lashes and while my lashes might not look like Jourdan Dunn’s lashes, they still look amazing so I’m happy! This mascara can be found at your local Clicks.

Maybelline SuperStay 24 setting spray

How could I ever have lived without this? I know some don’t believe in the powers of a setting spray but I’m here to say, you are missing out! My makeup holds all day and I don’t feel like my face is sticky or dry at all. I’m still a makeup newbie but I really do know the importance of a setting spray! Find this one at Clicks too!

That’s all folks!

So those are my few July favourites, I suppose I was so busy with my 31 Day style challenge that I wasn’t really paying attention to much else. What are some of your recent faves? Please be sure to share them with me.

Also please go ahead and watch this video, it’s my first official Q&A:

Thanks, VB xx

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