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Do you have a hair care routine? I’ve begun to develop one and I’m pretty chuffed with myself. I only wash my hair once a week which some might find gross but I prefer it. Because I’ve never dyed my hair, it’s generally really healthy. I almost never use heating tools and so treating my hair only really happens when I wash it.

This might not be out of the norm for anyone but I’d like to share my hair care routine and the products that I use.

My Hair Care Routine

Wash up!

To start off, I do the initial part of the process – I wash my hair! I’ve been using these Organics Shampoo and Conditioner pumps for ages! To me they’re such a crucial part of my hair care routine. Most shampoos tend to leave a horrible build up in my hair but Organics never does. My hair always feels clean and build-up free after washing it and even without the treatments, my hair is easy to brush through and feels great.

Brush it out!

It’s something I’ve always been cursed with, my hair knots so easily! I can remember being a little girl and my mom using a “No-Tears” spray on my hair to be able to work through all the knots. These days I just take my time with the knots, working from the bottom of the hair up. I feel like brushing your hair out before any treatment might seem like an obvious step but it’s the most rewarding part of the process for me so I just had to include it.

Treat it!

Biosense Spoil Super Powerful Oil

The first treatment I use is the Biosense Spoil and can I tell you, I’ve been hooked on it since day one! As far as hair care goes, this is my must-have! Not only does it leave your hair feeling luscious and looking shiny but it also treats your hair and improves your hair structure. I also spoke about it here – MY FIRST PRODUCT REVIEW.

Morocanoil Treatment

I know it probably isn’t necessary to use both products but I love the Morocanoil Treatment! Since I’ve started taking my hair care routine seriously, I’ve found that my hair looks and feels cleaner for longer. It feels less brittle and is just so soft and healthy. I can’t help but attribute that to the use of these great products. I’ve used Morocanoil Treatment alone and it is so fantastic! My hair is so easy to brush through after adding this treatment and it looks so healthy and sleek. Because I don’t often use heat tools, I rely on my hair looking it’s best by simply letting it air-dry and hoping for the best. With the use of the Morocanoil Treatment, I don’t have to hope because I know it’s going to look great.

I speak more about this product here – TWINCARE BLOGGER BREAKFAST│PRODUCT REVIEW

Your thoughts

I’d really love to hear which hair care products you use. I feel like having strong and healthy hair is something I’m proud of and I would like you to share  your thoughts on the matter. How do you take care of your hair? Do you have a hair care routine? Let me know in the comments below.


Thanks, VB xx

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  • I love your hair care routine, it’s not complicated at all. I wash my hair every second week so mine is more gross than yours lol. I used to use tressme but I would have stuffed nose or some kind of allergic reaction to the product so now I am experimenting cheap and unscented products.

    • It’s surprising how some products can affect people in different ways… I hope you’re able to find something suitable 🙂 also high 5 to you washing your hair every two weeks because it’s so much better that way! 🙂

  • This is a good hair routine and all your hair products are so amazing and will try some of the products. Nice post 👍

    • Ahh thank you! 🙂

  • Do you have any tips or special products you use on your non-wash days? My hair tends to look like a lion’s mane on days I don’t wash it and I would love to be able to extend the time between washes. Great post!

    • I think the mistake that people tend to make is not actually brushing their hair. I brush my hair every morning before tying it up and it helps so much on those in between days. Also I’m not a huge fan of dry shampoo so I do my best to avoid it, I’d suggest allowing that lion mane to work in your favour by opting for a high pony but keeping the top sleek as possible and allowing the rest to give off a wild but sassy look 🙂 xx

  • i have super curly hair that is also very dry and I have been trying to figure out exactly what products will help. I don’t have a main shampoo and conditioner and just kind of switch it up every time I purchase shampoo and conditioner. I do, however, love using castor oil to keep my hair thick and full.

    Great post! x


    • Wow, I’ve never tried castor oil but it makes so much sense that it would do wonders! Hmmm I think I’ll give that a try next time 🙂 xx

  • Moroccan oil can works wonders but for some hair types, you can find it to be too heavy on your hair. I love using it but I use very little.

    • Yeah I use a small amount because otherwise it can be a bit too much! 🙂 xx

  • I love your simple hair care routine. I wish mine was and could be less complicated. I have tried argan oil before but never this brand. I usually mix my own essential oil blend and apply it to my scalp. I love discovering new products. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • heyy 🙂 Your hair care routine is so simple and nice!! just thinking about mine gets me exhausted. I have curly natural hair and detangling is alwayssss a mission, but i have dedicated the past year and half to my natural hair journey and all the hard work and patience is paying off.
    Being heat free and making sure my hair stays moisturised is always tricky but i’ve managed thanks to natural oils like Coconut and Argan oil (my absolute faves!!) and Cantu products for wash day.
    Have you tried heating up the Moroccan oil heated? it’s also an effective hair treatment.
    thanks for this post xx

  • I don’t find that gross or not normal, there is a whole group of people who don’t wash their hair with any kind of soaps at all aside from water who are part of the “No Poo” movement. Some say that if you stopped using products all together you’d go through a week or two where your head will look like it has dandruff but then your body takes care of everything naturally and your hair will start looking healthier.

    I find my hair is similar that if I wash it daily or every other day it just looks oily all the time vs if I only wash it once or twice a week then it looks normal.

  • Morocanoil Treatment!! that is the winner right there girl!! miracle oil i can tell you, my hair was so damaged and since I started using this type of oil my hair today is soft, smooth and looking gorgeous ! I love your blog and how you give information, this was a great read and I am glad your telling people how to take care of their hair!

    have you ever tried using vatika shampoo & conditioner ?… I feel it works best than other products, maybe one day you can check it out..its pretty hard to find if you don’t have any Indian shops around you as they don’t sell it in the supermarket. Great blog girl 🙂

    Friendly Regards


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