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Simple Home Update Tips


I recently did a little sprucing up at home. Wow, the word “sprucing” makes it sound so cheesy but it really isn’t. I just decided that we could do with a few updates. In my video featured below you’ll see all the new additions I’ve added to our place but below I thought I would discuss simple home update tips and the benefits of improving your space.

Simple Home Update Tips


Whether you put up family portraits or bits of art, decorating your walls is such a simple but effective way to improve your personal space. It’s such a great way to express your interests and it’s even better if it’s art that you’re created yourself. Adding art to your walls can mean pictures, paintings, prints or even painting your walls in abstract colours. It’ll boost your mood just by looking at it and will fill your space without taking up any space. I still plan to put up some of our wedding photos on the wall and to get more artsy pieces.


I honestly feel like you can never have enough plants in your home. At the moment we have quite a few small potted plants but I really want to invest in some larger plants. I’ve recently become obsessed with delicious monster plants and I’d to put some in our bedroom. Whether you have indoor plants or outdoor plants, having plants in your home will make you feel closer to nature (yes, cheesy I know). Plants just bring fresh life into your home, they help purify the air and have been known to help improve physical health.




Decor can refer to any number of things – it can be the scatter cushions on your couch or the trinkets on your wall unit. Not only will adding decor to your home make it look chicer but it’ll also change the way you look at your space. Once again, it’s a reflection of your personality and personal style but it’s also a way to boost your mood. When you walk into a space and you see items that make you feel good, you feel more motivated, more positive and more inclined to embrace your space. You could add something as simple as a rug to a room. I try to keep things minimalist and not too cluttered but your space means your rules. The greatest part about this is that you can DIY many decor items.

I made my own pin board that I use in my study/home office – learn how to make one here.



Additional tips

Remember that while there might be many decor “rules” out there, the main rule is that you love the space you’re in. Here are a few extra simple home update tips that you could consider when decorating your home.


You don’t need to go colour crazy to improve your space, simply adding a pop of colour can make all the difference. Our home is pretty neutral, we have white walls and we just happen to have white surface areas so we counteract that by adding subtle pops of colour. An example of that is a teal pot plant on our kitchen counter or copper candle holders on our coffee table. The way you choose to add colour is entirely up to you but I will say that it makes a difference.



I love the idea of having candles in pretty much every room in the house. Scented candles are a great way to liven up a room. Not only because they smell great but also because they often look really beautiful too. Another great way to add scents to your home (without the fire hazard) is by adding diffusers to a room. Diffusers and candles come in a variety of scents so you’ll always be spoiled for choice and have a home that smells great.


Your home should always be your ultimate cosy space. Why would you want to come to a space that feels uninviting and not at all comfortable? Adding a wicker basket with blankets to your lounge is a great subtle way to add comfort to your home. You could even have one in your study for nights that you might be working late. Your definition of comfort could mean having everything organised in a convenient way or could mean the smell of freshly baked cookies in the kitchen. Whatever your take on it, be sure to make your home the ultimate comfy zone.


Personal interest

I love reading – books, blogs or magazines. This means that our home is overflowing with books and stacks of magazines. We’re lucky to have built-in bookshelves that made decorating so much easier but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the same. There are great second-hand stores where you’re likely to find great bookshelves or you could even make one! I also got my hands on a really great magazine rack to house a few more recent mags. Showcasing your personal interests in your space will make you love your space so much more. Find ways to bring your hobbies or interests to life in your space and it’ll change the way you see your home.

Second hand/DIY

Lastly I have to just say that second-hand items are often so underrated but so great. The ability to bring an old piece of furniture back to life is so rewarding. Along with that, making items for your home makes you feel more invested in your space. Rueben built our bedside tables and I absolutely love them! He also built a unit that’s currently in our spare room and I’m just constantly amazed by the things we can create if we just try.

I hope these simple home update tips come in handy the next time you’re thinking of changing up your space. If you have any other tips or ideas, please be sure to leave me a comment down below.

Thanks, VB xx

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