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When is the last time you personalised something you own? If you’re not into DIY then you probably had a laugh just reading that. All jokes aside, DIY’ing is one of the best ways to personalise your home and your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

I decided I wanted a chic pearl trim jersey but without the crazy price tag. The whole process of attaching the pearls to the jersey probably took about an hour but was so worth it! Before I show you the jersey I thought I would share with you why I think you should DIY.

Why DIY is great

It’s thrifty

I think I’ve probably mentioned this in every DIY post but it’s so true! You can make your own version of something you like and spend half or even less than if you had purchased it. We all know that the things we want can tend to be out of our price range but by recreating it, you get what you want and you save. By opting to DIY, you end up saving money on items that you might want but not necessarily need and end up saving for items that you do need. Read more about saving money here.

It’s creative

If you’re the artsy type then you know what I mean. When you DIY something, you’re able to express your creativity and often in ways you wouldn’t expect. You might have never considered sewing a patch on a pair of jeans or hand painting a mural in your home but once you give it a try your creativity might surprise you.

It’s personal

What’s greater than getting to express yourself and your personality? An item will mean so much more to you if you add a personal flair to it. Even if you’re recreating a look or a design you’ve seen before, your choice of colour or technique will mean your item is unlike any other.

Here’s what I did:

Step 1:

I picked up this jersey at a local “thrift store” called Going Under. (It’s a strange name for a strange store with occasionally great items). I went in with the intention to buy a jersey to DIY and therefore step 1 would be to determine what it is you want to DIY.

Step 2:

I chose to add pearl buttons to my jersey but you could choose any style of bead/button. Ultimately step 2 is deciding on what you want to use to DIY your item of choice.

Step 3:

I liked the scattered pearl look so that is what I created. This honestly took no time at all, it just took a needle, thread, some pearl buttons, a cup of tea and an episode of Gotham to complete. Your step 3 will differ based on what you’re choosing to DIY.

Step 4:

Proudly showcase your awesome DIY! At the end of the day you made it for yourself which means you should love it! If you DIY’ed an item of clothing like I did, share a pic on insta like I did of you wearing it – you can see my pic here. Whatever you chose to DIY, be happy and hopefully feel encouraged to do it more often!

What are your thoughts? Are you a DIY fan? Are there any items that you want to DIY but aren’t sure how? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! ♥

Thanks, VB xx

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  • I want to DIY some Joe Dirt jean shorts!

    • If you need a hand just shout 😉 xx

  • I love this. Can’t wait for winter. ❤

    • Same! Usually I dread it, but I think I’m going to embrace it more this year 🙂 xx

  • Love the concept 😁 I may need help 🤓

    • I would be more than happy to help! 🙂 xx


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