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Why you should support local talent

Whether you’re in “the industry” or not, you should know the importance of supporting local talent. That might seem like a broad statement and I guess in a sense it is, but I just think it’s about time we switch to our homegrown aficionados.
This means supporting all things local, whether it be local music or films, or your local market or whatever interest you might have.

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ChrisiL Jewelry Travel Wallet│Work Hard Play Hard

Every girl needs a night out, you the old concept of work hard play hard. Before I left for work in the morning, I put the jewelry I was planning to wear that night in my ChrisiL Jewelry Travel Wallet so that when I got home I would have it ready. However, if I wasn’t going home in between then I would have just popped it into my handbag and changed up my jewelry at my desk.