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I had an interview recently with Alannah Jones, a beautiful young  designer who I had the pleasure of studying with. Although she was a year above me, I had the opportunity of seeing her at work, watching her produce her collection and making Spero Villioti Elite Design Academy proud with her great talent. With an eye for the beauty in nature and a vibrant personality, she is a delight to be around and is just and all around sweetheart. We discussed her inspirations and her career and her influences in fashion.

So what got you into fashion?

Well my father was a fashion designer back in his day and my Godfather always made clothes and so it was their creatively that inspired me and started to have a passion for it. However when I went Europe I was mesmerized by the fashion and that’s when I realised that I belong in this industry.

What would you be doing if not Fashion?

I would teach yoga and travel the world (if not why not!)  But realistically though I have always wanted to help abused women and children.

Who is your favourite Designer?

My favourite designer has to be Alexander McQueen as well as Kenzo.

 What was the inspiration behind your third year Collection?

My inspiration was a combination of the season autumn and the old London street style.

What would your inspiration be for a new Collection?

Hmm when I know I will let you know…

What made you get into magazines?

When I finished my studies I wanted to experience all parts of the fashion industry before I decided where I belong and the magazines is part of it.

Has it always been your passion?

I think it’s every girl’s passion to be a part of the magazine world, to style and have that glamorous “Vogue” life.

What did it did it require to get into Magazines?

Diploma, experience, passion and simply be a hard worker.

What does your job entail?

Everything from sourcing clothes, unpacking and packing boxes, sending emails, answering phones, steaming and cleaning clothes, styling, helping my editor with whatever she needs, online work and working on pages and going to events.

What are your goals for the future?

To start my own thing and to live life to the fullest with whatever and wherever life takes me.

What advice could you give to anyone looking to get into Fashion?

It’s not as glamorous as people may think so therefore make sure this is where you really want to be. As well as to never give up. Work hard truly pays off and that is what’s needed in this industry… passion and hard work.

One more thing always have faith in yourself!”

Alannah Jones doing her thing at work
Doing some heavy lifting
Doing some heavy lifting
A piece from her collection
A piece from her collection
A crop top from her collection
A crop top from her collection
Some London glam influences
Some London glam influences
Some hand sewn flower details
Some hand sewn flower details
Her finale gown
Her finale gown
Alannah modelling a beautiful gown
Alannah modelling a beautiful gown

What a delight to have Alannah grace my blog! We hope to see more of her in future!

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VB xx

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