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A Statement Piece A Day Keeps Boredom At Bay


Welcome to half-way through the work week! This Wednesday I challenged myself to wear a statement piece that I wouldn’t normally do. I need to explain because, I LOVE HATS. In all sizes, shapes and forms! I own so many and yet I am always so conscious of how I look when I wear one. Beanies are one thing – they casually cover up that unwashed bed hair you’re trying to hide but a hat is a dedicated fashion statement. I decided that I wasn’t going to let some silly concern of “Does my head look weird in this?” or “What will people think?” prevent me from wearing this fun piece. All women should be confident in their personal style and all women should own hats. To quote someone wise and unfortunately anonymous “If you want to get ahead, get a hat!”


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Today I tried to go for a more laid back look, I wish I could be dedicated enough to wear heels everyday but not this week.  My cream and black frill blouse is from Truworths, the dark blue jeans are from Woolworths and the pointed black pumps are from Edgars. My statement burgundy felt hat, was a birthday gift from a good friend. It is quite floppy and a little over the top but I love the way it looks and more importantly, the way it makes me feel.

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Thanks VB xx


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