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I’m sure that most women will agree that as little girls we all had one thing in common – we loved dolls! Yes I know it might be a little stereotypical for me to assume that but I know that I did and I know of numerous girls who did too so I feel no shame in expressing my love for those perfectly toned dolls with the greatest wardrobe you could think of.

So today I had the chance to express my love by showcasing a designer who chose to do the same thing. i also happen to love this brand and think that this collection was a dream come true for myself and the many others who spent hours dressing up and playing with their Barbie Dolls.

Today we take a quick look at…


Moschino: Barbie Collection 2015

The world famous brand was originally founded in 1983 by the late Franco Moschino. Moschino along with his fashion label became renowned for his inventive, colourful and somewhat unconventional designs. After Moschino’s untimely death his former assistant, Rossella Jardini, took on the role of creative director for the company.

Rossella Jardini was the Moschino Creative Director from 1994 until October 2013. She was responsible for the brand image and style, fulfilling the role of “creative witness”, ensuring that the stylistic and philosophical approach remain intact.

In October 2013, Jeremy Scott became Moschino’s creative director.

For the Spring 2015 Collection, Jeremy Scott made every Barbie-fan’s dream come true. The collection showcased everything you idolized about Barbie as a child and brought it to life,from the large blonde hair  to the appropriate accessories, not forgetting the hot pink everywhere!

Everyone from Fitness to Beachwear to Mermaid to even Charli xcx Barbie were in attendance! He really captured the essence of Barbie and what we loved most about her. To make us love him even more, Scott released a capsule collection with basic every day pieces that are so incredible that you honestly don’t know how you could live without them.

Below we take a look at the runway collection:

001_AG18858 002_AG18875 007_AG18990

008_AG19020 012_AG19102 015_AG19159 023_AG19313 027_AG19402 038_AG19634 044_AG19766 045_AG19807 049_AG19889 052_AG19954014_AG19137 020_AG19237 022_AG19296 032_AG19530055_AG10003057_AG10089

The images above are just a few of my favourite picks. The use of fabric was so in tune with the collection, the silhouettes captured the essence of every Barbie you could imagine and the use of multi-racial models just helped to prove that Barbie was for every girl.

My absolute favourite is Barbie wearing a yellow towelling robe with an over sized chain necklace with a matching chain belt and larger than life almost toy-like accessories. All you needed was a shiny, oil covered Ken waiting at the end of the runway. When I viewed the images of this collection, I felt that absolutely everything was on point – it might have looked like your Barbie clothes somehow grew in size and all that was missing was the Velcro but it was so stylish and trendy that you could actually yourself wearing it. Well at least that’s how I felt.

Also, as mentioned above there was a capsule collection that was released…

Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-04-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_592x888 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-08-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_592x888 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-09-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_592x888 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-10-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_592x888 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-16-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_1440x960 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-17-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_592x888

Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-02-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_592x888 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-15-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_1440x960 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-18-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_1440x960 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-20-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_592x888 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-22-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_1440x960 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-23-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_1440x960 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-25-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_592x888 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-26-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_592x888 Moschino-capsule-collection-SS15-27-Vogue-19Sept14-pr_b_1440x960

It comprised of 28 pieces and these were the ones that stood out the most to me.

I immediately fell in love with the handbags and honestly who wouldn’t be honoured to have Barbie carrying a Moschini shopping bag on their t-shirt?

It was as though they saw that adult females were longing for the days when wearing pink Barbie tees was considered cute and thus they found a way to make it completely acceptable all over again!

I love everything about this collection! I think that after 56 wonderful years, Barbie deserves to truly be recognized as the style icon that we all know she is. It may not be the first time she’s been the influence for a collection but it is certainly my favourite appearance!

anna-dello-russo-moschino-spring-2015-barbie-jeremy-scott-milan-fashion-week-glamazons-blog Barbie

“I don’t speak Italian, but I do speak Moschino,”

~ Jeremy Scott

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Thanks VB xx

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