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I can’t tell you how much I miss being in Mauritius! Going through all the footage and photos just makes me long to be sitting at my favourite bar, B52 sipping a Reggae Punch. Alas, I’m in my office with nothing but daydreams to keep me company. It’s not all that bad though, I’m happy that I got to experience it all.


On the day of the wedding Rueben and I spent the morning poolside, prepping for the long night of partying ahead of us, and boy did we party! Getting to see my friend as a bride was one of the most amazing experiences in the world for me. Knowing that here we are in Mauritius, two friends who spent three crazy years together and now celebrating one of the greatest moments in a person’s life. She was a gorgeous bride and the setting was pretty spectacular too!



It was a night I will honestly never forget and I’m so over the moon that I was able to be there for this fabulous lady.

We spent another day and a half in Mauritius after the wedding, doing the last few touristy things we could before leaving. I made sure we stopped at B52 again, seriously guys they have the most amazing cocktail but then again, I went to so many great bars that I could pretty much do a review or a top 5 list.

On the same day we did the most amazing thing! We walked on the bottom of the ocean (3-4m deep) and got to feed the fish 😀

We wore these huge helmets and while I’m generally not a fan of helmets or the ocean, I really had the most incredible experience of my life. There aren’t any images but just trust me, it was brilliant!

Before I knew it, it was Tuesday morning and it was pack up and go time. We trekked all the way to the south side of the island to see the 7 Coloured Earth and were blown away by the beautiful waterfall that we got to view as well. We might have almost missed our flight but I can assure you, it was definitely worth it!

If you’ve never been to Mauritius, I recommend that you make a plan to get there!



And last but certainly not least, part II of the experience ☺ Click on the title of the video and it’ll take you to YouTube, please be sure to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel. All the love and support means so much to me ☺


I’m so happy to be able to share this experience, thank you for taking the time to read it all. Please be sure to share your thoughts and comments with me below!

Thanks, VB xx



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