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Hair Tutorial: Looped Braids


So anyone who is still a huge Christina Aguilera fan like I am will have noticed on her Instagram a few months ago where she sported pale pink hair and about a thousand, okay perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but a vast amount of loops fed through her braids. I immediately fell in love with this look and couldn’t wait to try it out myself. Those who know me will agree that I love trying unique hairstyles, I might stay far away from colour but I love trying out different braided looks, different updo’s, the works. This meant that when Philly’s wedding came around, I thought it would be the perfect time to finally try out the look. I certainly didn’t have as many loops in my hair but I would love to do so in future.

This is a simple post on how to help you recreate my braided look.


Naturally if you wish to use hairspray and if your hair is in need of a good wash before hand then I would recommend it, but this was all I needed to complete my look. It’s a little more dishevelled than it was on the wedding but I like when a look is a bit messier. Also I’m growing out my under cut, hence the hair behind the ear.




It’s such a fun look to rock day or night and it makes me feel edgy! I’d love to try a braid down the centre with a whole lot of loops and share that but all in good time! I also think this would look gorgeous on long hair which makes me seriously miss my long hair, however I can’t get enough of this look. If you’re a fan of this and would like me to try different hair looks and share it with you then please be sure to mention it in the comments!

Also are you a fan of this look or not so much? Have you tried it before? Let me know!

Thanks, VB xx


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