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Magazines: A life long obsession


Despite the fact that we live in a social media driven era, I still have an endless obsession with print magazines. Yes, this coming from the girl running an online blog and several different social media accounts but hear me out.

I’ve always considered print as glamorous and that buying magazines was something that stylish and sophisticated women did. As a young girl I would page through the new copies of You Magazine that my mom and grandmother used to buy, paying so much attention to the style pages. I loved getting to sdsc_0261editedee all the fabulous celebrity women in their designer dresses and cut out pictures to make collages and fill inspiration books. I would be lying if I said I didn’t still have them.

The best part was first purchasing it, holding it in my hand on the way to cashier and bursting with excitement to read my magazine from cover to cover. I recall going to the local corner supermarket and getting my hands on the first ever edition of Heat SA (RIP my old friend) and collecting so many copies thereafter. It wasn’t exactly the most style driven magazine but it was young and cheeky and full of zest. I ended up with almost 300 editions and while I wasn’t able to keep them all, I’ll never forget how proud I was of my crates full of magazines.

Other magazines that I was madly gripped with included Teen Zone, Salt Water Girl, Seventeen SA and Mizz magazine. Despite Mizz being a UK magazine, I was spoiled by my gran who would take me and my brother to CNA during our school holidays and allow us to pick whichever books or magazines our hearts desired. Mizz was always my go-to and on the odd occasion I would get TigerBeat as well. Mizz offered a whole different outlook on the world, I felt like I lived a double life where I was not only a young South African girl but also a young British girl (if only by heart).dsc_0276


Seventeen was teenage bible. I relied so deeply on the positive and uplifting articles one could find between allthe style and beauty pages. I still get a pang in my heart when I look at the magazine racks and no longer see that iconic Seventeen logocalling out to me.

Now as a young woman, I find myself drawn to incredible magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. They provide me with more than just insight on what’s hot and what’s not, they fuel my love of being a woman, my intrigue in art and travel and so much more. I know also have a great appreciation for Condé Nast House & Garden and even Forbes and Time magazine. My dad used to buy Time religiously and I would go through it and sit for ages engaged in conversation with him over articles within.

Cosmopolitan was a magazine I read as a teenager but didn’t appreciate until now, whereas Elle and Marie Claire always felt way too mature for my liking. Now, I live for what is waiting to be read behind the glam glossy cover.dsc_0269-edited






Naturally as a lover of fashion, I daydream about having subscriptions for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle. I do buy them when I feel I deserve a treat but it truly is a goal of mine to have a book shelf dedicated to all the great magazines I’ve read.


A great magazine is like a great book, it pulls you in from the first page and leaves you feeling satisfied, yet wanting more at the end. I love getting to turn a page, to fawn over a style page and blush when I reach the Love Section. There is something so soothing about laying on your bed with your beloved magazine, it’s one of my ultimate favourite past times.

Living in a digital age is tough for a magazine enthusiast (and potential hoarder) like myself, however, I’m not against it. I love getting to see the most recent articles online and I am all for moving forward.



I wish I could express with better elegance and detail what it is I love most about magazines but there is just too much to say. I’ll simply end by saying – If I’m to have an addiction to something in life, I’m happy this is it.

What are your thoughts? Are you a print lover or is online your thing?

Thanks, VB xx


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