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What are tasks you do on a regular Saturday? Perhaps you’re the type who likes to spring clean or finds comfort in curling up on the couch with a good book? This Saturday, I did something a little out of the norm – I mean it’s not every day you get asked to be a judge for a modelling championship.


The Western Cape Modelling Championship was an event hosted by Reana Van Tonder and her sister Nadia Langedyk. Together these powerhouse sisters pulled all their resources to host a championship that was a great success and that only get better in years to come. Reana runs her own modelling school, RVT Modelling School and having worked together in recruitment, she knew my history as a fashion design student, blogger and stylist and deemed me worthy to participate as a judge.

Myself, CTFC Account Manager Chanel Cromhout (founder of NellaNovella) and several other phenomenally talented individuals were selected to judge young girls and boys from the ages of 3 and up.

All the participants of the WCMC

Now I know what you’re thinking – but this was no toddlers and tiaras affair. All of the contests below the age of 12 were prohibited from wearing make-up and all contestants were judged as individuals rather than competing against one another.

I’ve never been for or against modelling but I’ve always been aware of the stigma attached to it so when I saw little girls in kitten heels and flamboyant evening dresses I began to wonder what it said about how they were growing up. This mind-set was changed by the end of the day when I saw baby dolls and playful chatter. The cold and cut-throat element was certainly not present in this hall. I was even more blown away when at the end of the evening, each individual received merits in the respective categories (Casual wear; evening wear; catwalk; interview and photogenic) and their faces lit up with pride.

It’s really a thing of beauty when you see the elegance that some of these girls exude and their goals to be doctors and teachers helped in restoring my faith in humanity.

I was elected to judge ages 3 to 12 and that meant I didn’t interact with the older age groups but getting to meet these young and vibrant young girls and boys made my Saturday so much brighter.

Category winners

If you have a young one who is interested in pageantry and modelling as a whole and you’re based in the Western Cape, this is definitely an event that should not be missed. Receiving merits in each category helped the contests appreciate their strengths as well as identify their weaker modelling capabilities. No participant left empty handed and there was no cattiness or drama in sight.

Judging was not an easy task, it was not one I took lightly but it is definitely one I would take on again.

The winners, the judges and the judicators
The winners, the judges and the judicators

What are your thoughts on pageantry? Would you encourage your daughter/son to participate? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks, VB xx



  • Hi V

    Yes I agree this was an awesome event. I started modeling classes in 2012 for the only reason that I was a very shy person. These classes has really helped me come out of my shell. I can now with confidence stand up infront of a crowed of people and do my introduction. I am currently 14 years of age and obtained a gold medal in the interview round at the WC Champs on Saturday. Thanks to coaches Reanna,Nadia and my family supporting me all the way. So I believe pageantry is a good thing. Just choose your competitions well.


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