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My wardrobe must-have: Jeans


When it comes to fashion there is always a staple piece that you can’t live without. For some it’s a classic blazer or a statement handbag or even a pair of flats. For me, it will always be my jeans. I live in my jeans day and night. Even when I’m at work, I might have several pairs of tailored pants that look more professional but I still love nothing more than a great pair of jeans. A few years back there was the birth of leggings and most girls fell madly in love, not me. If I had an infinite budget I would more than likely have a wardrobe dedicated to jeans.

Now I’m not saying it’s always been easy finding the perfect pair. Being as short as I am, it’s been challenging finding jeans that don’t look bulky around the ankles. I love being short and I take on this challenge with a smile. Over the years I’ve realised that I’ve always had the essentials – a classic 5-pocket indigo pair, a black pair and a statement pair. I’ve been through the baggy stage, the low-rise, the bootleg, the skinny and the high-waist and today I’d like to share with you my current three favourite pairs and why I love them.

None of these three pairs are necessarily conventional or fall under the essentials category but they’re certainly what I live in at the moment.

  1. The ripped pair of boyfriend jeans

Ah the boyfriend jeans – the chicer version of Mom jeans. I love that these jeans can rest on my hips or can be pulled up to higher up on the waist. The cut-outs edgy and give people a reason to ask “Did you buy your jeans like that?” or “shame, could you not afford a new pair of jeans?” All jokes aside, these jeans are what I turn to when I want to wear a statement tee or even a more feminine top to balance my look. I would certainly wear them every day if I could.

Photographer: Nadine van DrielPhotographer: Nadine van DrielPhotographer: Nadine van DrielPhotographer: Nadine van Driel

Look 1:
Top – Jay Jays
Jeans – Edgars
Chokers  – Identity
Heels – Rage


  1. The not-so-classic black pair

I won’t lie to you, these jeans are pretty worn out because I love them so much. They’re not your conventional pair of black denim jeans, they have a leather-like look to them and it’s for that reason that I can’t live without them. In most cases my classic black jeans have faded past the point where they look they were meant to look that way and I end up keeping them because I don’t have the heart to give them away. With this pair, the colour won’t fade and while the smooth texture is a tad worn from so much wear, it’s nowhere near as visible. They’re skinny leg which is my all-time fave cut and I wear these jeans with just about everything. Jean aficionados might not classify them as jeans but I don’t see the official jeans police knocking at my door._dsc0987_dsc0985_dsc0978_dsc0977

Look 2:
Top – H&M
Jeans – Cotton On
Heels – Madison (Zando)
  1. The high-waist pair

I have such a love for high-waist anything! Skirts, shorts or jeans! These jeans are uber-comfortable and they elongate my legs which is a definite plus.  The light wash makes them perfect for day or night and they effortlessly create fashionable looks. I love wearing these jeans with tucked in button-down shirts or off the shoulder tops, the options are truly endless. I would recommend high-waist jeans for short girls like me because they work with heels or flats and still ensure that your legs look long and slim.


Look 3:
Shirt – Rueben’s shirt
Jeans – MRP
Heels – Woolworths

And that’s it! My love for jeans knows no bounds and I’d really like to hear if you feel the same or hear what your wardrobe staple piece that you can’t live without.

Photographer: Nadine Van Driel

Thanks, VB xx




  • Love this! Such A beauty Vee!!

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  • I am so with you on this one…jeans..jeans…jeans!!!!!You pull off all of the looks so well…sexy…elegent…stylish..xxxx

    • Ah thank you!! ♥♥

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  • The last look with the high waisted is hot as heck Vee, slay 🙏🏻😍

    • You’re a doll!! Thank you!! ♥


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