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The Lipstick Trial


If you’re a someone who loves lipstick like I do then this post is for you!

I thought for Summer I’d give a few vibrant colourful lipsticks a try and decide whether my summer is going to bold and beautiful or pretty and neutral as usual. I made a video to show you all how it looks so be sure to check it out at the bottom of this post!

Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain

photo-nov-30-22-42-35 photo-nov-30-22-43-31


I love the consistency of this product and the colour is super chic but if you apply too much you and end up with sticky lips.

Colour: London Posh

Colourpop Ultra Matte Look

photo-nov-30-22-47-30 photo-nov-30-22-48-26


I have very few issues with this liquid lipstick, in fact I love it! Maybe it’s because of my love for berry tones but it holds well and it just makes me feel sassy! My only issue is that it’s a tad dry on the lips.

Colour: Trap

Colourpop Ultra Matte Look

photo-nov-30-22-51-56 photo-nov-30-22-52-30


Who doesn’t love a good red? It would have gotten a higher rating if it wasn’t so dry on the lips. The colour has a great orange undertone which makes it the perfect summer red.

Colour: Succulent

Essence Lipstick

photo-nov-30-22-55-36 photo-nov-30-22-55-59


I just can’t see myself wearing this colour, it’s such a smooth consistency but it’s way too pale and I would feel super washed out.

Colour: Wearing only a smile

NYX Liquid Suede

photo-nov-30-22-57-50 photo-nov-30-22-58-16


This liquid lipstick has made me believe in pink lips again! The colour is so girly and fun and I can’t wait to wear it this season!

Colour: Life’s a beach

NYX Liquid Suede

photo-nov-30-23-00-26 photo-nov-30-23-00-57


I never thought I could love orange this much! I wouldn’t say that it’ll be an everyday colour for me but I definitely will use it a lot this season.

Colour: Orange County

NYX Liquid Suede

photo-nov-30-23-03-24 photo-nov-30-23-04-29


I think my lips were made to be purple! I love this colour so much!! It’s sassy and fashionable and just striking! If you’re looking to stand out then this is the lipstick for you!

Colour: Sway


And there you have it! Watch me try out these lipsticks by clicking on the video below.

Also let me know what you think? Leave me a comment down below and tell me which colour is your favourite and which colours I missed but should definitely try out next!

Thanks VB, xx


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