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I’m so excited to be back! I’m really looking forward to a new year filled with new blog posts and just a whole lot of exciting things. I look forward to having you all with me and I hope that we’ll make some big movements this year!

So to start off, I have been thinking for a while what the focus of my blog really is – yes, it’s fashion and beauty and lifestyle but on a more direct level it’s about me. Hold off on any comments about vanity and hear me out: I’m short. Like really short. But I’m also happy with that fact, I love getting to wear sky scraper heels and feel petite when I want to. I also know the struggle of finding the right item to suit my height without making me look shorter and so I decided that this should be my focus. I want to show all the short and lovely ladies out there that it’s chic to be short and that dynamite does in fact come in small packages and all those clichés.

I want to show girls that you can rock any trend or any look as long as you make it work for you!

That’s why today’s post is all about the PROs of being short. Yes, that’s right there are Pros, and quite a few of them actually! I met up with a glam blogger named Mikhaila Turner but you might know her from 156 Supermodel . Her and I are pretty much the same height so I thought it would be great to find out a few pros that she loves about being short.

This is what Mikhaila had to say:


Luc Haupt Photography

You can shop in the kiddies department! I mean who doesn’t like a good deal? You might be 20 years in age but there are perks to being 13-14 in stature.

When you go to an event there is no such thing as standing in line. You politely just wiggle your way to the front and give them a dazzling smile.

People tend to underestimate you when they feel you’re vertically challenged however when you step out in 5inch heels or even in a pair of sneakers that complete a great look then they realise there is more to you than meets the eye.

Luc Haupt Photography

And just in case you were wondering what I consider to be pros:

You get to wear crazy high heels and feel like a whole new woman for the day/night and yet

still get to be your petite self when you kick them off.

Jeans too long? No problem! All you need to do is have them tailored to your length and bam! Sexy! Tall ladies know the struggle of finding jeans that

are the right length and luckily that will never be my concern.

You can wear the same trends that tall girls can and own them too! You keen on that maxi dress? Wear that maxi dress!

High waist wide leg trousers? You go girl! There is almost no trend that you cannot adapt for you!

And this is just a handful of all the great perks there are to being short. I’m not saying that being tall isn’t great, let’s get real – all my friends are taller than me and they’re damn stylish and beautiful! I just wanna show all the petite ladies out there that I’ve got your back and I’m going update you with the best ways to make your height work for you!

Luc Haupt Photography

If you have any pros that you can think of please be sure to pop them into the comments below! Let’s see if each lovely lady or gent 😉 can add a few pros to this list and also please be sure to share this with all the shorties you know and love!

Thanks, VB xx


  • Relatable!!
    Though I need to ask how on earth do you work the maxi dress, because they are always too long!
    Do you get them tailored as well?

    I love the photos too xx

    • I plan to do a blog post all about maxi dresses 😉 but yes, all you really need to do is shorten the hem and you’re golden! Thanks love!! ♥


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