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A Short Girl’s Guide: The Swimsuit Edition


So the seemingly age old battle wears on: Bikini’s vs one-piece swimsuits. I must admit that for the longest time I was a bikini lover without any doubt. Wearing a one-piece just didn’t resonate with me whatsoever, but now thanks to all the beautiful ladies out there, I’m starting to change my mind.

The only solution I decided, was for me to try them both out and figure out which I love best.










The Bikini

What’s not to love about a bikini? There are endless benefits:

You can get a great tan

There are so many different styles

You can mix and match

For me in particular, I love my bikini because the bottoms are slightly high-waisted and it just feels chicer. I love that can remove the straps on the top and make it a boobtube and the colour just pops.

I will say that the top does get uncomfortable after a long day in the sun and the risk is just way too high of losing or having your bottoms fall down when you get washed over by a wave.

The One-piece

I don’t think I’ve worn a one-piece swimsuit since I was a little girl. That being said, I really fell in love with this one the moment I tried it on. I also didn’t realise there were so many perks:

You look and feel sassy

There is no fear of flashing

The options are way more fashionable than you think

I’m a lover of prints and this striking one-piece is exactly why I love summer. It sits comfortably and stands out in all the right ways.

The struggle is however still real: going the bathroom is a nightmare and if you’re thinking of getting a bit of a tummy tan then think again.

Final Pick

I honestly didn’t think that picking would be this tough. I didn’t think I would ever enjoy wearing a one-piece ever again but there was something so chic about it and I loved that it didn’t feel uncomfortable or drab at all. I’m definitely wearing it again soon, it’s definitely a must-have for summer. In this case it doesn’t matter whether you’re tall or short šŸ˜‰ but as a shorty I give it my stamp of approval.


My bikini is still my number one. šŸ˜‰

I did create a twitter poll to see what the ladies of the world preferred but if you didn’t get a chance to vote on the poll please be sure to let me know in the comments what your preference is.

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Thanks, VB xx


  • Definitely love the glamour of the one piece ā¤

  • You look so beautiful in both!

    See my problem is I’m part of the itty bitty titty committee so it makes full body costumes difficult to find! So bikinis work better but then when you’re insecure a giant t-shirt goes over it anyway! šŸ™

    So ultimately bikini for fitting wise but neither due to insecurities! šŸ˜›

    Great post, lovely xxx

    • You should never feel insecure! You’re way too gorgeous for that! Also, don’t give up šŸ˜‰ you’ll find the perfect swimsuit that will have you feeling great all day! xx

  • hi vee

    • Hi I hope you like it all šŸ™‚


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