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I wore Purple Lipstick to Work


If you’ve seen “The Lipstick Trial” post from a few weeks ago you’ll know that I got my hands on some very unique lipsticks. I bought a very striking purple lipstick from NYX to be exact and since that time I haven’t put it to any use. It’s a post that I’ve seen many times on the internet and so I thought I would give it a go, I decided I would wear said purple lipstick to work for a day.

It wasn’t completely out of my comfort zone since I love dark plums and berry tones but it was definitely more in your face than I thought. P.S As the forgetful person that I tend to be from time to time, I took photos of my day but not a single one of the colour up close and personal. I know right? But if you go have a look at my old post that I linked above you’ll be able to see the colour perfectly!

My day in a nutshell:

09:00am: I’ve just arrived at work and have mixed feelings about this whole idea. Then some of my colleagues compliment me and I feel confident to keep wearing it all day.

09:30am: Mid morning green tea – two guys from IT are in the cafeteria but they don’t say a word. Probably deep in conversation so I let it slide. I mean yes, I get you’re doing your own thing but can’t you spot this striking purple?!

10:00am: I’m starting to think that no one has noticed because I didn’t coat thick enough so I add another layer. I feel as though my lips are about as purple as they’re ever going to get, I’m feeling more confident though. I feeling finally like I’m rocking this lipstick and I’m happy about it!

12:00pm: By now I’ve had several female colleagues compliment me and ask me about the shade and brand. I’m definitely feeling like myself now and starting to forget the fact that I have bright purple lips. That is until I realise it’s time to have lunch. (Cue the scary music that gets played before things get real)

I eat my definitely over toasted bagel – yes, there is lipstick on my bagel but I’m super impressed that my lips aren’t smudged and I don’t actually feel an urgency to reapply.

15:00pm: By now I’ve completely forgotten about the lipstick but we have a meeting so I grab my NYX tube to reapply. (It’s in the colour Sway in case you were wondering 😉 ) I’m quite pleasantly surprised to discover that while the colour has definitely faded since I last reapplied at 10:00am but it still looks neat. No one in the meeting takes notice.

18:00pm: I’m out of here! Purple lipstick still perfectly in place!

Final thoughts:

If I thougt people were going to be shocked by my purple lips I was sorely mistaken. While some might have given me looks that said “you know your lips are purple right?” for the most part it went unnoticed. I’m not bleak about it, because it made me realise that we live in a world where I can rock my purple lipstick. Where my lipstick is my prerogative and I like that.

Would you ever wear purple lipstick to work/class? What colour would you like to see me try next? Also it could be to work or even on a night? I could wear it in a situation where lipstick is definitely out-of-place!

Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Thanks, VB xx


  • Ahh I’d love to see you try a blue shade, your choice where to rock it but I feel that’s more a night time wear?

    • Dark blue or light? Cause I’m definitely keen 😉

  • As usual, great post! I’d love to see you rock dark blue!


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