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A Short Girls Guide: Maxi Dresses


Are you a shorty like me? Do you long to look boho and summer chic in a printed maxi dress but feel like your little legs just won’t look right? Well it’s time to STOP thinking that way! Because the truth is that you can and should wear that gorgeous maxi you’ve had for ages. I’m going to show you three maxi dress looks that are classic and understated. Take note: this is how I choose to style them but your options are endless.

Now I know that this isn’t exactly the most informative post as to why short girls should wear maxi dresses, but I wanted you to see that if you feel great in it (the way I did) then you should own it. These dresses were all printed and luckily not too long for me but if yours is dragging on the floor then simply shorten the hem. It’s a few moments of your time for an effortlessly stylish result.

Maxi dress 1:

This peach and floral print maxi makes me feel so girly and feminine, it’s a day time must-have that I live for in summer. I love pairing it with my fedora and just simply a classic pair of slip on sandals. I feel like this could be worn at night for sure, with black block heels and maybe a choker for that real 90’s look. (Note to self: try out this look.)

Maxi dress 2:

I think the reason I love this dress is not just because the print is so vibrant but because it’s such a great length. It reaches my ankles and is perfect for pairing for sandals or wedges in this case. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to wear wedges to the beach but if you’re heading out for a lunch date, this is the perfect ensemble. I would wear this everyday if I could!

Maxi dress 3:

Wearing this dress makes me feel like a Spanish dancer but maybe it’s just my secret inner desire to be one. Much like the first dress, this floral print number is a day or night dress that will instantly have you feeling chic.

As a shorty, it might seem weird to wear a maxi dress with flats because the misconception is that it will make you appear shorter but in my humble opinion it doesn’t matter. Wearing flats will not make you appear shorter, but bad posture will. If you’re planning on wearing a maxi dress then I’d suggest a great pair of sandals or if you’re really feeling height concsious then opt for a pair of wedges.

I know this is not the most factual post but it’s more of a reminder that you can rock any look at any height!

Are you a shorty who has been keen but never tried a maxi? Well now you don’t have a choice, I know you’ll look great so be sure to tag me in your maxi dress OOTD pics on insta!

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks, VB xx

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